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Cool Tools: New Grease Provides Lubricating Protection in Harsh Environments

The antifriction metal treatment added to Prolong’s Extreme High Performance EP-2 grease clings well while lubricating over a wide temperature range to ease friction.

The calcium sulfonate grease is formulated to withstand harsh, corrosive environments often found in off-road vehicles and manufacturing equipment. Featuring a high drop point and mechanical stability, the grease delivers a high load-carrying ability. The grease has been formulated to help prevent rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

“It is compatible for use where traditional silicone-based grease is used, but it doesn’t contain heavy metals or additives,” says Jon Apogee of Prolong.

The grease doesn’t contain environmentally undesirable additives such as phosphorus, zinc, phenols, antimony, barium, or lead. Available in 14-ounce tubes, Prolong EP-2 is also offered in commercial- and industrial-size applications. A 14-ounce cartridge retails for $10.92. For more information, go to


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