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Farm Hacks: Painting Tips & Tricks

minimize paint-filled lid rims

Employ the sharp point on a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and a hammer to punch several holes in the bottom of a paint can’s rim.

This allows excess paint to drip back down into the can during painting, which helps eliminate the need to clean out that rim before resealing the can.

The lid will still seal off the can since the holes are in the bottom at the rim.

move extension ladder with ease

Positioning a heavy extension ladder is easier when you bolt two lawn mower-size wheels to the end of the ladder. Use wheels that extend beyond the ladder sides and end. Employ lock washers to keep the bolts in place and use smooth washers to allow the wheels to readily turn.

You can easily push an extension ladder up the side of a building, particularly if it’s covered with lap siding.

make a simple wire brush scraper

Easily scrape off brushes while preventing paint drips on the sides of cans by creating this wire scraper from heavy-gauge (16 gauge or thicker) wire. Bend the wire to fit the sides and rim of the paint can securely.

Firmly attach the wire to the sides of the paint can using heavy-duty duct tape. 

recycle milk jugs for small paint jobs

Gallon-size milk jugs make a good alternative to heavy paint cans when tackling detailed brushing or small paint jobs. Cut into the side of the jug with a utility knife, leaving enough plastic at the bottom of the jug to hold a small quantity of paint.

Use the plastic lip as a brush scraper. Insert the brush handle into the jug’s pour spout when not in use. 

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