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Farm Hacks: Shop Tips

Nothing beats a little farmer ingenuity when it comes to solving a problem or making a job easier. Here are some simple solutions to problems that can eat up valuable time and cause endless frustration.

Remove Frozen Nuts With Torch & Candle

When penetrating oil isn’t enough to remove rusted and frozen nuts, grab your torch and an old candle. After heating the nut red hot with the torch, touch the heated area with the candle, which will melt bubbling paraffin wax into the threads.

The heat will help break the bond between the bolt and nut, and the melted candle will lubricate the nut for easier removal.

Collect Oil

An old plastic chemical jug or, better yet, a detergent bottle equipped with a spigot, can be employed to collect oil from quart-size oil bottles. Simply cut a hole in the side of the jug or bottle to accommodate the necks of the quart-size bottles.

Leave the bottle in place between oil changes to eliminate dirt from entering the jug. 


Remove Nails With Ease

Employ a locking pliers to clamp on nails with stripped off heads. This provides a solid clamp that a pry or crowbar can work against to remove the nail.


Keep Fasteners on Sockets

How do you keep a fastener on a socket when reaching down into tight access areas commonly found in engine cavities? Here are a number of solutions.


If you don’t have a socket that has been magnetized, try holding the fastener in the socket using a refrigerator door magnet. If that isn’t an option, then apply super glue to the fastener and insert it into the socket until the glue is set. The glue bond will be broken when the nut is wrenched onto the fastener.

Another option is to wrap the bolt to the socket with electrician’s tape. Although it sounds odd, you can also wrap the bolt’s head with chewed gum, insert that bolt into the socket, and go to work.


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