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Farm Hacks: Storage Solutions


Prevent a ratchet strap from unraveling when not in use by using a ball bungee cord. To avoid losing the bungee cord when it’s not in use, pull the cord’s knot out of the ball and cut the knot off. Next, pull the cord out of the ball and loop it through the hook on the ratchet strap. Finally, feed the cord through the ball and tie a new knot.

For good measure, use a lighter to melt off the ends of the cord so they don’t unravel.

tarp and bungee cord storage

Create tarp strap storage either by using an old wire rack or by creating a rack from heavy-duty hog fencing, which is then mounted on a shop wall. To keep bungee and tarp straps contained when transported in a truck bed, stretch them across a length of PVC piping that’s cut 3 inches longer than the strap.

You can cut different lengths of PVC pipe to accommodate different lengths of cords.

sort and store tools on carabiners

Readily identify wrenches in toolboxes or drawers by organizing them by size and storing them on a carabiner. To select a tool for use, rotate the wrenches around the carabiner removing individual tools from the carabiner clasp.

Large (6-inch-long) carabiners sold in camping stores work for larger wrenches. Plus, you can store the carabiner on a pegboard.

PTO Pin ratchet strap keeper

A PTO pin works ideally to control excess webbing on ratchet straps when storing them or to bind up extra strapping when in use on a trailer (to prevent the strapping from flapping around). Roll up the strapping and clip it snugly with the pin.

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