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Farm Hacks: Tool Enhancements

Create these shop aids using parts on hand.

Make Your Own Spring-Loaded Pliers

There are repair jobs that sometimes require a third hand to open a pair of pliers while your two hands are occupied with a task.

If you don’t already own a spring-loaded pair of pliers, you can make one instead by cutting a length of tubing (plastic or rubber) and sliding the ends over the handles. Select a tubing diameter that fits tightly.

Keep Caulk From Drying Out

Prevent partially used tubes of caulk from drying out by screwing a wire nut on the tip of the tube. The connector will keep the caulk from drying out on a temporary basis.

Wire nuts used in this manner are no guarantee that the caulk in the tip won’t dry out over a long period of time, however.

Handle Extension

If you have ever scraped your knuckles working with a drill chuck or need more leverage to tighten the chuck, you can create this extension from a length of old broom handle or wooden dowel. Simply drill a hole in the end of the handle or dowel to match the chuck key’s handle. You can make this handle extension any length to fit your hand.

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