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Huge Jump Start Comes in a Small Package

Farmers attending the National Farm Machinery Show today will be exposed to acres of big iron. But tucked in between displays of tractors, combines, and other heavy metal are an army of small exhibits featuring a wealth of innovations like the Crankenstein.

Although not monstrous in size, weighing just 9 pounds, the Crankenstein is big in jump-starting dead machinery. Nearly 80% lighter than comparable lead-acid jump starters thanks to the use of lithium-ion phosphate batteries, Crankenstein turns out a whopping 1,200 cranking amps (5,000 peak amps) to jump 12-volt systems and 600 cranking amps (5,000 peak amps) for 24-volt systems. Crankenstein is capable of jump-starting 0-volt batteries safely and automatically.

The unit offers an LED screen that walks its user through the starting while communicating warning messages and revealing connection quality. The starter’s Hotfoot technology allows its use in temperatures as low as -28°F. In fact, Crankenstein is built for extreme temperatures with an operating range of -28°F. up to 140°F. The device can hold a single charge (recharge time is six hours) for over one year.

Crankenstein is priced at $699 and is available at

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