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Mechanic Must-Have Tools for Farm Shops

LED light reel

Designed for professional repair shops, the Lincoln COB LED light reel extends out 50 feet to bring 600 lumens of nonglare light to work spots. Features include an 18-gauge reinforced cord, adjustable cord stop, and built-in magnet and hooks for hanging.

The light reel retails online for $149.61. 

55 1/2-ton shop press

Offering a press capacity of 55½ tons, the model CP 86501 shop press offers a two-step cylinder stroke that provides a higher, full-stroke speed for setup and a small-stroke setting for fine-tuning the load. Other features include a high-capacity steel frame, load gauge, and protection cage.

The CP86501 retails for $1,942. That includes two V-blocks and eight punches.


digital torque wrench

Accurate to within ±2%, the GearWrench 85077 ½-inch electronic torque wrench provides readings up to 250.8 pounds. The tool’s Target Torque Alert gives a warning as target torque setting is approached.

The 85077 retails for $220.37, which includes a one-year warranty.  

Pivotview mechanic’s scope

Milwaukee’s M12 M-Spector Flex mechanic’s borescope features the Pivotview camera head cable that gives you full control of the camera head for positioning. That camera pivots 270° with the turn of a dial and is equipped with an LED light. Other features include a 3-foot cable, 3½-inch color LCD screen, and video recording.

The model 2317-21 kit, which includes a battery, charger, and storage case, retails for $699. 

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