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Outdoor Tool Advances and Great Work Gloves

Miller Work Gloves

The dual-padded palms and fleece backing on the Miller work gloves provide outstanding insulation, making the gloves ideal for use in a wide variety of welding chores. The gloves are made of premium cow grain leather for durability.

Manufacturer suggested price is $28.00. 

Echo Battery-Powered Chain Saw

The combination of 4-amp-hour battery capacity, 58-volt power source, and a brushless motor makes the Echo battery-powered chain saw an equal against gas-engine units. The high-torque motor slices through large logs, and the battery has enough capacity for up to 112 cuts (through 6-inch logs) between recharges. Saw features include a variable-speed trigger, automatic oiler, and five-year warranty.

The model CCS-58V4AH retails for $299, which includes a battery and charger. 

Milwaukee Demolition Gloves

Milwaukee’s Demolition Gloves are five times more durable, yet they’re designed to be nimble enough to let you operate a smartphone. The gloves are reinforced with Armortex for durability, and they’re lined with a breathable lining and mesh backing to wick away moisture. A Smartswipe Knuckle lets you use touch screen devices without removing the  gloves or wiping dirty fingertips across the screen.

The gloves retail for $24.99. 

Worx Electric Chain Saw

WORX has extended its electric chain saw line with a 10-inch-long blade that reaches out up to 10 feet. The 8A Electric Chain Saw-Pole Saw operates on an 8-amp motor, yet it weighs just 10 pounds. The extension pole quickly slips into the work handle and is secured with a screw knob. Features include an automatic oiler system and patented Auto-Chain Tensioning system. To employ that last feature, you turn a dial on the saw’s body and the system sets the proper chain tension to prevent overtightening.

The WORX saw retails for $99.99, which includes a three-year warranty.

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