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Proprietary Designs Create Exclusive Tools

DeWalt Bit Holder

Sneak into supertight spaces with DeWalt’s Impact Ready right-angle flexible-shaft bit holder. This tool accessory is durable enough to withstand the high torque created by impact drivers due to a heavy-duty 90° head.

Features include a floating ring magnet on the bit tip holder and a Rapid Load head for easy bit changes. The device has an online price of $29.99. 

Milwaukee Adjustable Wrenches

Milwaukee Tool engineers took to task the tendency for adjustable wrenches to loosen during use and designed a proprietary adjustment screw with more threads and tighter tolerance. As a result, the Milwaukee adjustable wrenches “won’t back off during use,” says Bobby Shaw of Milwaukee.

The wrench is offered in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-inch models as well as an 8-inch Wide Jaw model (it has the same jaw capacity as a 12-inch-long tool). All the tools carry a lifetime warranty.

Retail prices for the wrenches range from $19.95 up to $45.95, depending on size. 

Ken-Tool Axle Sockets

Available to fit axle retainer nuts on most light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, Ken-Tool’s axle sockets are cold-pressed by tool-grade steel and electrically coated with paint to protect them from corrosion. Each socket’s individual size is stamped on the driver receiver end for quick reference.

These sockets are specifically designed for use with breaker bars or ratchet handles but are not for use with power-impact drivers. Sockets are sold in 3.25-, 3.5-, 3.75-, 4-, and 4.375-inch sizes.

They are sold individually, or a set can be purchased for $149.95. All sockets carry a lifetime warranty. 

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