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Tire Tool Innovations from Chicago Pneumatic, Ken-Tool, and Craftsman

Chicago Pneumatic Bottle Jack

Chicago Pneumatic’s bottle jacks are engineered with a double-guidance and chrome-plated steel piston made from one piece of metal. Other features include a large base plate, a safety valve to protect against overloading, and a two-piece handle. Model capacities range from 2 tons and a lift extension of 13½ inches (model 81020) up to 55 short tons and a lift extension of 19 inches (model 81502). 

Ken-Tool Snap-In Tire Valve Tool

The Ken-Tool model 29850 is specifically engineered for the installation of the snap-in type of rubber tire valve stems used in automotive, light truck, and trailer wheels. The unique tool features a notched polymer rim guard with five fulcrum notches that provide you with the right leverage points to pull and seat a snap-in tire valve in the wheel. Plus, the Tire Valve Installation tool has a full pivoting head to ensure the correct stem angle as the stem is pulled into position on the rim.

The tool retails for $32.99, which includes a lifetime warranty.

Ken-Tool Sidewinder Kit

Ken-Tool’s 17.5 Sidewinder Kit is designed to allow a single person to dismount and mount 17½-inch truck tires. Tools in the kit include the demount tool that lets you apply high leverage to the wheel and tire to separate them, as your weight keeps the wheel and tire assembly from lifting off the ground. The mount and bead holder tools provide maximum leverage and prevent slippage. Included in the kit are a leather rim protector and gap tool.

The kit retails for $349.95. Watch the kit in use on YouTube.

Impact Wrench Designed for Tires

The CP7736 ½-inch impact wrench delivers up to 670 foot-pounds of torque in reverse through its 2-inch anvil to break and then remove tire lugs. Chicago Pneumatic equipped the wrench with a twin hammer mechanism to provide more impacts per minute in addition to a steel motor for longevity.

Other features include three-speed settings in forward operation.
 The list price for the CP7736 is $196.

One Wrench Set for All Fasteners

The design of Craftsman’s Extreme Grip five-piece wrench set features movable jaws that create a solid fit on standard, metric, and rounded fasteners.

The suggested list price on the set is $59.99, which includes a lifetime warranty. 

Busts Duals Apart

The Ken-Tool Shark Fin separation bag exerts up to 5,000 pounds of force to separate and to remove stuck dual wheels from axle studs and hubs.

Safe to use on steel, aluminum, or chrome wheels and with 15- to 24.5-inch rim diameters, the Shark Fin comes with a 3-foot inflation hose.

Suggested retail price is $499.95. 

Tool Set for Truck Tires

Ken-Tool’s deluxe version of the Blue Cobra truck tire service set features all the items shown including the Blue Cobra demount tool that can demount the top and bottom beads on truck tires in seconds. The model 35444 tool set is safe for use on aluminum and chrome wheels.

Suggested retail price is $693.82.

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