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Top Shops: Convertible doors

Filling the 26-foot hole that is created when Fred and John Butuk opened the door in their new shop became a big issue for the brothers. So Fred put his inventor's hat on and came up with a novel solution. Instead of installing one large overhead door in t

Top Shops: Best service vehicle

When Marvin and Matt Mechtel were envisioning their dream service truck, they did some out-of-the-box thinking. The result was literally a shop on wheels that is in a box.

Top Shops feature champ

A farmyard full of innovative engineering went into a combo hoist and elevator designed by Top Shops contest winner Roger Johnson.

Top Shops design champ

Spaciousness, great lighting, and a wealth of features win first place for this shop.


About Top Shops

Top Shops features the best farm shops in the U.S. This section also covers unique shop features, floor plans, equipment, tools, and ways to maximize space in existing shops.

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