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Top Tech, Machinery from 2016 National Farm Machinery Show

Every February in Louisville, Kentucky, farmers get to see firsthand the latest and greatest advancements in farm machinery and technology. This year’s National Farm Machinery Show was no exception. At the show, manufacturers unveiled products designed to more precisely place inputs and increase planting accuracy as well as a few new solutions for cover crops. 

Great Plains AccuShot

One of the biggest advances in starter fertilizer application was introduced by Great Plains. With the new AccuShot system, a premeasured dose of liquid fertilizer is delivered each time a seed drops. The fertilizer is placed close to the seed – you get to select where you want the fertilizer in relation to the seed – for early uptake and maximum yield potential. For 2016, AccuShot will be available on a limited number of Great Plains planters. In the future, the system may be available as an aftermarket product for other brands of planters.

Case IH and New Holland RTK+

Case IH and New Holland, both a part of CNH Industrial, will be the first original equipment manufacturers to offer a proprietary cellular RTK correction network. Equipment dealers for both brands will install base stations in their respective areas with a goal to have a seamless network from the East to the West Coast in the next two years. Farmers will be able to subscribe to the cellular-delivered RTK correction signal through their Case IH or New Holland dealer. 

Case IH 2000 Series Early Riser Planters

Precision Planting has more than lived up to its name by providing a wide variety of products that greatly improve the ability of planters to accurately singulate and space seeds. However, the products have always had one drawback – there wasn’t a planter made for the components. You either had to retrofit your current planter or, for the past two years, you have been able to order a Case IH or AGCO planter with Precision Planting components. Now, for the first time, you can order a planter designed specifically for Precision Planting technology.

The all-new Case IH 2000 Series Early Riser Planter is built with heavy-duty cast components and a rugged row unit, which will allow you to plant at speeds up 10 mph. To achieve faster planting speeds, the planter is available with all of the latest Precision Planting tools, including the vSet 2 meter, vDrive electric drive, DeltaForce hydraulic downforce, and SpeedTube flighted belt.  

AGCO White Planters 9800VE Series

Case IH wasn’t the only manufacturer with a new planter to show off. AGCO also introduced the new White Planters 9800VE series. Building off the 9000 series row units, the VE planter series will be available with several Precision Planting products, including vSet meters with vDrive electric drive, 20/20 SeedSense, DeltaForce hydraulic downforce, and FieldView data collection. The planters will be available for the 2017 planting season.

John Deere MaxEmerge 5e

Although John Deere recently purchased Precision Planting, the company wasn’t highlighting any Precision Planting products in its booth. Instead, Deere focused on its own planter technology and gave a glimpse of a new planter configuration: MaxEmerge 5e. While it’s not available just yet, MaxEmerge 5e will offer some of the advanced technology from ExactEmerge on a MaxEmerge row unit. The new features include an electric drive system, hydraulic row-by-row downforce, and pneumatic closing wheels.

 Kinze 4900 with Hydraulic Drive

Kinze is also offering a middle-ground planter – with some advanced technology features, but at a lower price than the decked-out version. The 4900 series has been available with a vacuum seed meter and electric drive as well as with mechanical brush-type or finger pickup seed meters with ground contact drive. For 2016, Kinze is offering a dealer-installed hydraulic drive kit for the 4900, which can be a factory-installed option starting in 2017.

Dawn DuoSeed Cover Crop Inter-Seeder and Cover Crop Discs

Dawn Biologic introduced two new products to assist with cover crop planting. The first is the DuoSeed Cover Crop Inter-Seeder. This row unit features double disk openers, parallel linkage, and pneumatic down pressure. The unit can attach to sidedressing rigs or sprayers, so you can seed cover crops into row crops while sidedressing. In addition, Dawn Biological is now selling cover crop seed meter discs, so you can use your existing Deere or Kinze planter to seed cover crops. The discs are tailor-made to dole out small and large cover crop seeds. 

AGCO Fendt 1000 Vario Tractor

Fendt’s 1000 series tractors, available for the first time in the North American market and shown in the picture above, pair up the Vario transmission with a drivetrain that uses hydrostatic-mechanical power splitting. This system employs a hydraulic pump and two independent hydraulic motors. The motors are connected to and power the front and rear axles independently. This marks the VarioDrive drivetrain as the first design to power front and rear axles independently. 

Dawn Pluribus Strip-Till Toolbar

For the first time, Dawn Equipment will offer a complete strip-till toolbar with its Pluribus strip-till units and a fertilizer application system. Joe Bassett, president and CEO of Dawn Equipment, said the company wanted to offer farmers a comprehensive strip-till solution, which will give them one point of contact for service and will maximize the resale value of the strip-till machine. 

AGCO Central Tire Inflation System

Farmers in Europe have used tire inflation systems, which allow you to deflate and inflate tires with an on-board air compressor, for nearly 20 years to combat compaction. For the first-time in the North American market, this option will be available as a dealer-installed option on four-wheel-drive tractors, specifically the Challenger MT900E series. The Central Tire Inflation System allows you to adjust inflation pressure from the cab, so you can have the proper inflation pressure on the road and in the field.

Sukup Stirring Machine Gear Motor Delay

The new delay control system from Sukup uses a microcontroller to sense when a down auger is hung up in grain. The controller buys extra time for the auger to work through the grain obstruction by sending a signal to the machine to wait an additional three minutes before starting again. If the auger doesn’t return to a vertical position within 10 minutes, the farmer is notified by a horn or a call on their cell phone. The system can be retrofit to older grain stirring machines.

GSI Vision Auto-Start and TopDry Terminal Control 

GSI also introduced several advancements for grain drying. Vision Auto-Start is a new feature for portable dryers that automates the process to get the dryer up and running. The operator selects the type of grain, incoming moisture, desired outgoing moisture, and the Auto-Start sets all of the parameters, making this a 10-minute process instead of a task requiring several hours. TopDry Terminal Control is an all-new control system with advanced options and control, including the option to remotely monitor from any Web-enabled device. The control system can be retrofit to any TopDry system. 

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