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AGCO Announces New Fendt 900 Series Tractors

AGCO has announced the introduction of the fully redesigned Fendt 900 Series of tractors. The five new tractors range in power from 296 to 415 hp and are designed to meet the needs of crop producers, large cattle operations, and custom farming businesses.

"Fendt engineers designed and built these tractors with the goal of lowering the operating costs and providing optimum use for our customers," says Andrew Sunderman of AGCO.

Engine Specifications

A six-cylinder, 9.0L MAN engine with Fendt's low engine speed concept works with the tractorm management system and stepless VarioDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT). This means the engine can run at the top speed of 1700 rpm to deliver pulling power while reducing wear and using less fuel.

With this design the tractor can deliver maximum torque from 1150 to 1400 rpm for top pulling power transfer, which reduces wheel slip and maintains the desired ground speed.

This engine technology has benefitted farmers with 1000 Series machiness already and is being carried over to the 900 series models.

"These tehcnologeis have brought our 1000 Series customers a huge benefit that can clearly attribute savings to the bottom line. We fully expect to see the same level of performance and fuel efficiency in this smaller, more manuverable package," Sunderman says.

Row Crop Ready

He explains, "The 900 Series tractors are designed to fit any operation as the primary high horsepower tractor." A number of features make these new tractors well-suited for row crop farms.

The operating weight of these tractors ranges from 25,000 lbs. to 42,000 lbs. Fendt offers a convenient front mono-block ballasting system so farmers can quicly re-ballast the tractor for each task. Weights range from 1,918 lbs. to 5,512 lbs.

A compact design makes the tractors easier to manuver and offers increased visibility for implement monitoring.

The suspension on this series of tractors is a double-wishbown front-axle system that offers almost 8 inches of vertical travel. In addition to ensuring a smooth and more comfortable ride, this design ensures stable ground contact and traction in the field.

Fendt offers the only from the factory tire inflation system in the industry. This VarioGrip technology enables tire pressure adjustments with the push of a button from the cab. Deflating can provide up to 15% more tractive power with improved ground contact and less ground compaction. Tires can be reinflated from the cab before road travel to improve handling and fuel efficiency.

Top roading speed is 31 mph. A number of wheel and tire combinations are available to fit farmer's needs.

Price and Availability

The new tractors come with full warranty and service for 36 months or 3,000 hours. The warranty has no deductable. Service includes all scheduled maintenance including the cost of oil, filters, and belts.

Farmers will be able to see the fully redesigned Fendt 900 Series tractors for the first time at the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. Fendt tractors will be located in Lot 333 between second and third streets.

Pricing has not been announced.

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