AGCO expands in Jackson, Minnesota

  • AGCO

    The manufacturing of farm equipment has been a part of the Jackson landscape since 1963, when Ag-Chem Equipment Company was founded. In 2001, AGCO purchased Ag-Chem.

  • Ribbon cutting

    A new door to the future has been opened with the expansion of AGCO’s Jackson, Minnesota, manufacturing plant as well as the addition of an Intivity Center.

  • Martin Richenhagen

    Martin Richenhagen, chairman and CEO, addresses more than 500 dealers, employees, and state and local elected officials at the ribbon cutting ceremony on June 7, 2012.

  • Jackson, MN

    The 75,000 square foot expansion of the manufacturing facility will contribute more than $17 million and 200 jobs to the local economy, bringing the total number of positions at the facility to 1,050.

  • MF 8670 tractor

    This expansion means the Massey Ferguson 8600 Series row crop tractors will now be produced at this facility rather than Bologna, France.

  • MT600D

    It also means the Challenger MT600 Series row crop tractors will be produced at the Jackson, Minnesota plant.

  • Total Offerings

    The facility will continue to produce the Challenger track and 4WD articulated tractors and the RoGator, TerraGator and SpraCoupe application equipment.

  • Intivity Center

    The 16,000-square foot Intivity Center consolidates AGCO’s rich history in agriculture into a destination that is not only educational and interactive but innovative. Although AGCO wasn’t formed until 1990, its roots run deep with brands under its umbrella that trace back to the 1800s.

  • Inside Intivity Center

    The Intivity Center is built to host as many as 10,000 local and international visitors annually. It is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The slides that follow feature a few of the displays.

  • MF 35

    The MF 35 tractor launched in 1960, which was produced from 1960 to 1964. The original price was $2,529. This 1962 model, which features a Z-134 gas engine, produced 33.25 PTO hp.

  • Harry Ferguson Theater

    The Harry Ferguson Theater explains the history behind the Ferguson system, which was the principle of transferring the weight of the drawn implement to the tractor.

  • MF display

    The Massey Ferguson tells the story of why it is truly a global brand.

  • Challenger display

    The Challenger display provides a timeline of how the product line came to be.

  • Engines

    This display details the e3 engine choice to comply with emission standards.

  • Bob Crain

    Bob Crain, senior vice president and general, AGCO North America, tells attendees that everything starts with a vision and explains why the company chose to move in this direction.

  • Intivity Center logo

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Take a tour of AGCO's manufacturing expansion in jackson, Minnesota.

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