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For Sale: Farmall H with $15K restoration

$15,000 spent on a Farmall H.


Now it’s up for sale, on an October 9, 2012 consignment auction in Brillion, WI. Here’s what the sale bill says about this Farmall H:  “Complete professional restoration, over $15,000 total from restore, paint, rubber, and Overhaul—Talk about Parade Ready--She looks like she just rolled off an IH factory tractor line!”

See for yourself:


Kinda pretty, isn’t she?

What do guess this H with the $15,000 restoration will sell for? Below is a chart showing the “Ave. Auction Price” on Farmall H tractors going back over the past 16 years:


Of course now this particular Farmall H with the $15,000 restoration isn’t your average

run of the mill H. Knowing the average sale price history over the past 16 years is useful, a good starting point, but what have ones in “parade ready” condition been selling for? Click on the link below to see for yourself, a list of all the H’s I’ve seen sold at auction…pay special attention to the H’s I’ve highlighted in RED, ones in super nice condition:

I will report what this Farmall H tractor with the $15K restoration sells for on our Machinery Pete Facebook page after the Oct. 9th sale date (sale by Miller ‘N Co. Auctions)...stay tuned.

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