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Case IH announces new Vestrum tractors, updates to series

Case IH is updating the Vestrum series of tractors with new 110 and 120 models, and is bringing the new upgrades to the 100 and 130 models. 

“We are excited to offer customers an expanded range of model options and cab upgrades to continue to improve the user experience,” says J.E. Cadle, mid-range tractor marketing manager for Case IH . “The Vestrum series is the perfect choice for those needing exceptional maneuverability, power and cab comfort in one compact package.”

The new 110 and 120 models can reach up to 88 and 102 PTO hp, respectively. 

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This series has two transmission options. The CVXDrive has a more efficient gear ratio and engine speed, ideal for hilly terrain or frequent load changes. The ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission is a 24-speed gear box, requiring no manual range changes.  

All models in the line now can be built with an optional panoramic high-visibility roof for an unobstructed view while operating the loader. Other updates to the cab include a low-mount front wiper, and new in-cab cooling box for food and beverages. 

The Vestrum comes standard with a mix of mechanical and electronic remotes, but now offers an all-electronic remotes option. The loader joystick has been updated with a forward/reverse shuttle. Each Vestrum tractor is compatible with Case IH’s L103 loader, capable of lifting up to 6,700 pounds.

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