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Case IH Unveils AFS Connect Magnum Tractor Series

Case IH unveiled new Magnum tractors powered by the company’s Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) precision technology at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show. A new display, operating system, and receiver improve the technology package, and the tractor features a completely redesigned cab.

“The AFS Connect Magnum offers new levels of connectivity and comfort,” marketing manager Jay Barth says.

Exterior Changes and Improvements

Farmers familiar with red equipment will notice a number of changes and improvements to the new Magnum tractors even before setting foot in the cab.

Bright LED headlights make working in dark conditions easier. The lights also make the tractor more visible to other drivers when on the road. The Magnum tractors are also equipped with LED beacon lights.

The guidance light bars above the rear tires are designed to fold back instead of breaking off if they come into contact with an obstacle. These lights are also LED.

The larger mirrors on these machines can be electronically extended and adjusted from inside the cab.

Standard front and rear cameras connected to the in-cab display increase visibility. Up to four cameras can be used to help you see around the machine from the comfort of your seat.

“These cameras allow you to pull into the shed without bumping into the pickup, or when you put the tractor in reverse it automatically comes up on the screen just like in your car or pickup,” says marketing manager Bill Weber.

The oil check and fill station has been moved to the left side of the tractor for easier access. “All your daily maintenance and everything else is right there,” Weber adds.

Redesigned Cab

“We used a clean-sheet approach to completely redesign this cab, and it allowed us to deliver on what our customers need,” Barth says.

The redesigned cab is obvious even from the outside of the tractor. The new larger door is all one piece and takes up the left side of the cab. By eliminating the post that the door hinges on in older Case models, the company has increased both visibility and accessibility for the operator.

Inside the automotive-quality cab, you will find a number of improvements, as well.

The armrest has been redesigned with a multifunction handle that has four programmable buttons and an encoder knob. New color-coded hydraulic control levers are right at your fingertips.

To maximize operator comfort, the heating and air-conditioning system has been enhanced. More cup holders, including one large enough for a 2-liter bottle, have been added. Many of the storage compartments include charging and data ports. An optional refrigerator can be added to the cab.

Advanced Farming System precision technology

A new AFS Vector Pro receiver on top of the cab is just the first of three major improvements to the company’s precision technology in the tractor.

“It does a better job of acquiring and building the line than our previous model,” Weber explains.

Inside the cab, a new AFS Pro 1200 display delivers the latest technology to farmers’ fingertips. “It allows us to control the whole tractor,” Weber continues.

The tablet-like touchscreen is designed to be visible even in sunny conditions, and it’s easy to navigate.

Farm managers can view the display remotely.

“You can be 3 miles or 300 miles away, and instantly connect remotely to get the information needed to resolve an issue. Remote monitoring and support not only provide countless opportunities to maximize in-field productivity, but also give peace of mind that everything is running smoothly when life pulls you out of the field,” explains Chris Dempsey, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems marketing manager.

Finally, a new Android-based operating system the company calls AFS Vision Pro rounds out the improvements to the precision technology system.

Price and availability

Pricing has not yet been announced for the 2020 AFS Connect Magnum series tractors. The new tractor will be on display at 2019 World Ag Expo, 2019 National Farm Machinery Show, and 2019 Commodity Classic.

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