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Case IH’s New Steiger CVXDrive Tractors Are Smart, Strong

Case IH’s latest tractor series, the Steiger CVXDrive series, is equipped with an impressive transmission that streamlines cab operations for operators. Even inexperienced drivers can catch on quickly in this strong and smart machine. 

According to Case IH personnel, of the over 100 farmers who have used the new tractor, many have reported savings on fuel and ease of use.

“The Steiger is the first continuously variable transmission to be offered in a 4WD articulated tractor and delivers the highest horsepower available on the market,” says Mitch Kaiser, marketing manager for Case IH’s Steiger tractors. 

Although big and powerful, the new Steigers can go as slow as 3 feet per minute or as fast as 25 mph. Once the driver picks a speed, the CVXDrive chooses the most efficient transmission range automatically. 

“I’d never driven a CVT before, and within about 10 minutes of running the CVXDrive on the Steiger, it became apparent that this will be a game changer for my auger wagon and planter,” says Illinois farmer Brad Wade. “It just really will make an operation a lot more efficient and be easier on the operator, as well.”

Those who have driven Case IH’s Magnum, Optum, Puma, or Maxxum will feel right at home with the tractor controls in the Steiger cab. Split-throttle controls on the MultiControl armrest let farmers multitask and continue running efficiently. Operators can program a button to match one of three preset, custom speeds. Active stop keeps the tractor in one place no matter the conditions, and a more intuitive accelerator pedal makes speed control more like driving a pickup. 

Farmers will enjoy an improved and bulkier axle, easy-to-use HVAC controls, AFS AccuTurn technology, brighter LED marker lights, and strengthened wheel hubs, as well. 

There are 17 different variations of the new Steiger CVXDrive model including Quadtrac, Rowtrac, wheeled and scraper, ranging from 370 hp. to 540 hp. (605 peak). The new transmission adds about $42,000 on to the cost of the past Steiger models.

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