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Exclusive: Massey Ferguson 6S and 7S Series tractors

Massey Ferguson is expanding its line of mid-range tractors, following last year’s release of the MF 8S Series. The most recent introduction includes four MF 6S series models ranging from 145 to 180 hp., plus five MF 7S Series models ranging from 155 to 210 hp. 

Designed with feedback from farmers, these additions to Massey Ferguson’s product line are built with ease of operation in mind. With classic and deluxe versions available for both the MF 6S and 7S Series, and a range of optional features, customers will be able to work with dealers to determine their needs and customize the right tractor for their operation. This means getting all the features you need without being overcomplicated by the ones you don’t.

“Farmers need a versatile tractor,” says Adam Sills, a marketing product specialist for Massey Ferguson. “They want to be able to have their loader tractor, but then unhook that loader and go hook it onto their ISOBUS baler. Having a tractor that can perform those high-tech tasks, but also be straightforward enough to do the traditional loader, grunt tasks on the farm is very important to them. It needs to be dependable, as well.”

Dylan Esselburn recently test drove an MF 7S Series spreading manure on his Shreve, Ohio, dairy farm. 

“It’s a real user-friendly tractor, and I think it would fit in any operation really well because the controls were pretty self-explanatory,” says Esselburn. “It was a tractor you could just get in and pretty much feel comfortable in within the first few minutes of sitting in the seat and looking around in it.” 

Under the red hood

Starting under the hood, the MF 6S Series offers models ranging from 145 to 180 hp., all running on a four-cylinder, 4.9-liter engine. The MF 7S Series comes in a range of 155 to 210 hp. powered by a six-cylinder, 6.6-liter engine. The new optimized airflow system improves engine cooling, increasing performance and boosting efficiency.

Both tractors offer the optional Dyna-VT transmission. The Dyna-VT is a stepless transmission boosting fuel efficiency with a new automatic mode regulating engine speed according to load and ground speed. Engine Power Management gives a boost of extra horsepower when needed, with a boost of up to 20 hp. on the MF 6S Series and 30 hp. on the MF 7S Series.

“On all CVT transmissions that AGCO makes, we have separate hydraulic and transmission oil reservoirs,” says Sills. “This ensures maximum uptime by not allowing contaminants from the hydraulic system to enter the transmission and putting the tractor down in the field.”

Maintenance in mind

Massey Ferguson’s new S Series tractors are not only built to be easy to operate, but also easy to keep running. Oil and air filters can be checked at ground level on the left side of the tractor. Additionally, the front suspension systems and emission system are designed to be completely maintenance-free. 

“Emissions is something that in the past has been kind of a pain-point for customers,” says Derek Reusser, tactical marketing manager for Massey Ferguson. “With our All-in-One Emissions System, our customers will have increased uptime and reduced maintenance. The system works in the background and is something that our operators will not need to worry about or think about.”

Visibility from the cab

Red Massey Ferguson 7S tractor leaving a barn at night with its LED lights on
Photo credit: Massey Ferguson

For farmers operating later at night or earlier in the morning, up to 16 LED lights can flood the surrounding area with bright light for increased visibility.

The slim exhaust system has been placed on the right side of the tractor, below the cab, and the exhaust pipe has been minimized and tucked behind the cab posts to eliminate negative impact on visibility. 

If that’s not enough, the cab roof has customizable options for a sunroof, which increases operator visibility and productivity with a raised loader.

In the cab

Massey Ferguson wants to make your cab experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Part of this means unifying the cab across the entire line of S Series tractors — if you can operate the MF 8S Series, you can operate the MF 6S or 7S Series. From joystick ergonomics to button interface, Massey Ferguson talked to farmers to make the right updates for cab design. 

The interior cab of a Massey Ferguson 6S tractor.
Photo credit: Massey Ferguson

The new armrest offers a blend of simplicity and ease of use, with all main functions ergonomically grouped. The MultiPad lever includes transmission control for effortless speed and range changes. Here you will also find convenient controls for other items such as the optional Bluetooth phone and radio. 

A newly designed, slim dashboard clearly displays operating data on a 2.75×2-inch color setup and information screen. For more display information and controls, the optional 9-inch touchscreen has settings management, ISOBUS integration, radio and phone interface, loader controls, as well as camera and guide compatibility.

“The cab was super comfortable,” says Esselburn. “I could see myself working in there all day. The joystick was super comfortable in your hand, super easy to get the hang of using. All the custom settings you can change on the fly with the touchscreen, and how you can just really dial in everything was really nice.”

Matthew Dotterer, a dairy farmer from Wayne County, Ohio, was also loaned an MF 7S Series tractor from Massey Ferguson, which he used to pull a feed mixer wagon.

He said the new MF 7S series had a little bit of a learning curve, but after the first hour of operating he felt comfortable with the machine. 
Dotterer noted that as a bigger guy, getting comfortable in a tractor seat can be a challenge. “In and out – and I was feeding with it for four or five hours a day – it was adequate,” he says.

Factory hydraulic loader option

Massey Ferguson 6S tractor with loader attachment delivering hay bale to cattle livestock
Photo credit: Massey Ferguson

Another optional feature for the MF 6S and 7S Series is a fully integrated, factory-fitted loader, designed for maneuverability and maintenance access. Control of a third spool valve enables operators to open or close a grab while tipping or curling an implement at the same time. The multifunction hydraulic joystick controls the loader, as well as transmission functions such as forward and reverse, and speed change.

Both the MF 6S and 7S Series have high-capacity rear linkage with a capacity of up to 21,164 pounds. The linkage can be equipped with up to five spool valves, which come with decompression levers for easy removal. MF 6S and 7S Series tractors with the Dyna-6 transmission are available with a 29 gpm hydraulic flow load-sensing system. There is also a 39 gpm option available. Tractors equipped with the Dyna-VT can handle 50 gpm.

“Overall, the hydraulic system was really nice — seemed like it had plenty of power,” says Esselburn. “It didn’t seem like it bogged down the tractor too much while you were using it. It just seemed like there was always plenty of power there. The responsiveness was right there, too. Didn’t seem like there was any kind of a delay or anything like that. It was just real nice. I could really dial everything in, make it what I wanted.”

À la carte features

There is a host of options for the MF 6S and 7S Series tractors.

The classic versions include the basic functions you may need from your tractor, with a blend of simplicity, automation, and ease of use to suit a wide range of applications. Deluxe models have features designed to deliver increased efficiency and support the most technologically advanced and demanding implements on the market today.

Some of these options across the MF 6S and 7S Series include:

  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Heated, electric-adjust mirrors
  • Mechanical cab suspension or mechanical active cab suspension
  • Automatic air-suspended swivel seat with lateral suspension
  • Additional mechanical or electric spool valves
  • Guide system with advanced guidelines
  • Super Creep low-speed 

Pricing and availability

The Massey Ferguson 6S and 7S Series tractors can be ordered now for delivery in Q4 of 2022. For more information, talk to your local dealer or visit

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