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Fendt introduces 200 Vario tractor to North America

Fendt has introduced the 200 Vario series of tractors to the North American market for the first time. 

The 200 is the smallest of Fendt’s tractors, designed for lightweight maneuverability with high performance. 

The 200 Vario line launched in Europe about a decade ago, with the third generation marking its first appearance in the North American market. These are largely the same tractors as their counterparts in Europe, with the exception of updated lighting to meet standards, as well as some additional PTO options.

“Agco is excited to introduce the Fendt 200 Vario series to North America and offer compact, lightweight, and agile tractors that meet farmers’ rigorous demands,” says David Soliday, the senior tactical marketing manager for Fendt. “We are also proud to offer specialty variants to farmers looking to realize the versatile benefits of the Fendt 200 Vario series for their vineyards, orchards, and other specialty crops.” 

This tractor is intended for chore and mowing applications, with its loader capable of working on small baling operations, says Daniel Smith, senior strategic marketing manager at Fendt. 

Under the hood

The 200 Vario is available in three models, the 209, 210, and 211, ranging from 94 to 114 hp., and the 211 will be capable of an additional 20 hp. boost. These tractors run on a Agco Power 3.3 L engine, and feature the Fendt Vario CVT.

The frame of the tractor is contoured, designed for maneuverability, while its lower weight-power ratio helps minimize soil compaction.

In the cab

The 200 Vario is equipped with the FendtONE cab concept, to create a familiar working environment across its fleet of vehicles. The concept includes a multifunction joystick, multiple hydraulic controls, and an optional 12-inch terminal.

“The display has an iPad-feel to it, with a user-friendly interface which is easier to operate for all generations of farmers,” says Smith.

The tractor is designed for a smooth ride with a three-in-one suspension system. This combines a self-leveling, lockable front axle suspension, mechanical cab suspension, and active shock load stabilizing. 

Fendt’s steering system assists with straight-ahead work, turck-level driving, and working comfort. The cab is built to be spacious and includes a refrigerated storage compartment, ventilation system, and air conditioning. 

Price and availability

The Fendt 200 Vario line is yet to be priced, with production for the North American variants slated to start in March next year, and on sale as soon as possible from there. For more information, visit

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