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John Deere 5 Series utility tractors receive updates for model year 2023

The John Deere 5 Series utility tractors are getting updates for model year 2023 with more configuration options, including more horsepower and a premium cab.

“Across the entire 5 Series lineup, customers now have more choices to find a tractor that meets their needs and budget, and to customize configurations to match the jobs they need to finish,” says Greg Christensen, marketing manager for John Deere. 

5M Series updates

The 5M tractors in 2022 saw updates in the form of AutoTrac guidance integration and more transmission options. In 2023, the 5M is getting a boost in horsepower and versatility. 

Deere is adding four new four-cylinder versions of the 5M: the 5095M, 5105M, 5120M, and 5130M. These models will now be sporting the same engine from the larger 6M utility tractor, adding 5 HP more to the maximum horsepower from previous model year 2022 iterations. 

The high-crop and low-profile models, 5105MH, 5105ML, 5120ML and 5130ML, will also get a horsepower boost. 

The John Deere 5120 M model pulling a baler over a road.
John Deere

An optional bar-axle option on the 5M gives operators the ability to adjust tire spacing up to 90 inches. The intent: help prevent crop damage when baling wide windrows, and give more stability when mowing on hills. The tire spacing can also be narrowed to match row spacing in row-crop applications. The bar axle has the option for adding duals. 

There are also three transmission options available on the 2023 5M tractors. All transmissions continue to have a left-hand reverser for directional changes. 

The PowrReverser transmission, available on the 75- to 120-horsepower models, has a two-lever option to change ranges and gears.

The PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions, available on the 95- to 130-horsepower models, includes a single shift lever without the need of a foot clutch. 

5E Series updates

The open cab John Deere 5 Series 5050M model.
John Deere

Deere is adding three new model numbers to the three-cylinder versions of the 5E series for a total of four models: the 5050E, 5060E, 5067E, and 5075E. All will be available with an open operator station, standard cab, or premium cab.

The premium cab option is new to the three-cylinder 5E models. The new cab features a redesigned right-hand console with electronic quick raise/lower buttons at preset depths for implements. The cab also includes an adjustable air ride seat, factory-installed instructor seat, Bluetooth radio, USB port, and a microphone compatible with mobile devices. 

Additionally, the 2023 5E models feature an engine that does not require emission-related regen, larger tire options, and an option for a true third function mid-valve for loader and grapple operation.

“These easy-to-use tractors are perfect for rural property owners who need to move soil, rocks, logs, or snow, and have plenty of power for part-time farmers and ranchers who need to make hay, move bales, and feed cattle,” Christensen said.


The new 2023 John Deere Series 5 tractors are available to order now, with production starting in November. For more information, visit

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