John Deere 7R Tractors Updated for 2020

John Deere 7R tractors have been significantly updated for model year 2020. This family of tractors includes seven models ranging from 210 to 330 in horsepower. These machines were designed especially for diversified crop farmers, livestock producers, and commercial hay growers.

“New 7R tractors deliver high-horsepower capabilities in a compact, easy-to-maneuver chassis,” says Tammy Lee, marketing manager for Deere. “The latest updates strengthen dependability and simplify routine maintenance and service work while adding new technology.”

New Names, New Model

The 2020 7R tractors will follow a new naming convention. The three-digit number corresponds to the horsepower of each tractor. A seventh model has been added to the top of the size range of this family.

  • The 7R 330 has been added to this tractor family and is the largest size offered.
  • 7310R is the 7R 310
  • 7290R is the 7R 290
  • 7270R is the 7R 270
  • 7250R is the 7R 250
  • 7230R is the 7R 230
  • 7210R is the 7R 210

More Dependable

Deere designed the new 7R family with increased dependability in mind.

The company says hydraulic and electrical routings have been improved over previous models.

The 7R tractors have more common parts with other tractors to make parts replacement cheaper and faster.

Several components have been relocated for improved access.

Deere designed this line of tractors with simplified systems and improved on-board diagnostics for shorter down times.

Lee adds, “The number of hydraulic connections were reduced, decreasing the number of potential leak points. A new decal was placed inside the tractor’s hood panel with service and maintenance points clearly identified to make these tasks easier to perform.”

Under the Hood

The short wheelbase and high maneuverability of these tractors make them an attractive choice for seeding, loader work, or baling. An e23 PowerShift transmission is standard and is designed to handle sudden, high-torque power loads while being responsive, quick, and smooth shifting. This transmission has three modes to automate gear selection and RPMs so the operator can keep up the ground speed they want based on load.

An optional Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) is also available. When a tractor is ordered with IVT, it can be upgraded to include CommandPRO. CommandPRO is an ergonomic multi-function lever that includes controls for tractor speed, direction, and implement control. It also includes 11 reconfigurable buttons, that can be assigned appropriate functions for the task at hand.

“The precise speed control of CommandPRO makes implement hookups easy and allows you to accelerate from zero to top speed with the push of a lever – perfect for road transport,” says Lee.


New Cab

Farmers can be comfortable for longer, thanks to the new, largest ever cab from Deere. The new cab offers two extra inches of headroom and a 24% wider entry path, so it’s easier to get in and out of the machine.

Inside the cab operators will find many conveniences they may be used to in their truck.

The company offers three levels of cab packages including Select, Premium, and Ultimate. The Ultimate cab features a new electronically adjusted leather seat. This seat has heating, ventilation, and massage capabilities to keep operators comfortable all day or night. This top of the line cab package also includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel, footrests, and a carpeted floor mat.

As part of the Ultimate cab, operators can connect their smartphone to a 6.5-inch touch screen display and multi-speaker system that puts podcasts, music, and more at their fingertips.

The cab suspension system of the 7R tractors has also been changed for model year 2020. The previous hydro-pneumatic cab suspension system has been replaced with a mechanical system. Lee says, “This change was made without sacrificing current comfort and performance levels. For customers who demand an even smoother ride and higher levels of industry-leading comfort, they can add either a new ActiveSeat II or our proven Triple-Link Suspension Plus.”


Visibility Packages

Farmers can also choose from three visibility packages.

The Ultimate package was designed for efficient nighttime operation and features 22 work LED and 8 convenience LED lights. This is double the lighting package of previous models. This top of the line lighting package offers 360 degrees of lighting coverage and is especially useful when servicing equipment.

The Ultimate visibility package also includes electric, heated, telescoping mirrors; front, right, and rear wipers and sunshades; and integrated cameras in the front and rear of the tractor.

Latest Technology

These updated tractors are compatible with the latest John Deere precision technology.

“John Deere made several precision ag technology updates that make it easier for customers to remotely monitor and manage tractor and field operations and to enable more timely transfer of prescriptions and data,” says Lee.

All 2020 7R tractors come with an integrated Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter display, StarFire 6000 integrated receiver, and AutoTrac activation. The receiver doesn’t require calibration of the Terrain Compensation Module and is more accurate than previous models. The company also designed it to be less vulnerable to theft.

“Coupled with the guidance system enhancements that were made, operators will be up and running with even greater accuracy in less time,” Lee says.

She adds, “Additional premium or automations are available so customers can upgrade and choose the level of accuracy they prefer. A full suite of John Deere technology is included for the seamless integration of automation, documentation, and connectivity through the John Deere Operations Center. This includes JD Link with five years of service, John Deere Connected Support, Expert Alerts, Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer.”

Price and Availability

Pricing for the 7R family of tractors will be announced in December. Shipments are expected to begin summer of 2020. To learn more visit or talk to your local dealer.

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