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John Deere 9 Series tractors get an update for 2022

John Deere has introduced its largest tractors for model year 2022, the 9 Series tractors. The line of high-horsepower tractors includes three configurations – the wheeled 9R, two-track 9RT, and four-track 9RX. Model year 2022 includes six 9R sizes, three 9RT sizes, and four 9RX sizes.

John Deere 9 Series Under the Hood

Models with 390 to 590 hp. are powered by a new John Deere-designed and -built 13.6L diesel engine. “That engine is quieter, more reliable, and has less maintenance over the lifetime,” says Ryan Jardon, product marketing manager for John Deere. “From a performance standpoint, we’re also pretty excited about the lugging ability. That tough spot in the field where you maybe previously had to slow down for, or had to lift the implement up a little bit, these new tractors can hopefully help pull you right through that tough spot and keep right on going.”

The 640-hp. models are powered by a Cummins 15L diesel engine. Those four-track or wheeled tractors have 20 hp. more than their predecessors.

“These 9 Series tractors would be well suited for small grains and coarse grains customers… for anybody across western Canada to the Plains, to all of the Corn Belt, and there’s even usage in high-value crop areas as well,” says Jardon, noting these big tractors are well equipped for tillage and air seeding applications.

All 9 Series machines come with JDLink connectivity, an integrated StarFire 6000 GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter display, and AutoTrac guidance from the factory. JDLink comes with five years of service, enabling farmers to use machine-to-machine communication, stream important information to Operations Center, transfer data wirelessly, and utilize John Deere Connected Support.

“AutoTrac Turn Automation and MachineSync enable consistent operations on headlands and when multiple machines work together, such as in seeding, when two tractors work in a field together. Automation 4.0 also enables AutoPath for farmers to accurately document and precisely follow each row of crops in fields throughout the season,” Jardon said. “Using data collected from the first pass in the field, either strip-till or planting, AutoPath establishes precise guidance lines for all subsequent field passes, no matter the machine type or width of the equipment. This makes it easy to find the right row, reduces overlaps and damage to standing crops, and eliminates the need for guess rows.”

John Deere 9 Series Inside the Cab

The 2022 9 Series tractors have a bigger, updated cab, too. Increased storage, additional USB ports, and better connectivity will make long hours in these tractors feel more like riding in a car or truck.

An 6.5-inch touchscreen satellite radio is optional. It’s smartphone-ready so farmers can use voice commands or integrated controls to get or make calls, listen to music, or send and receive messages.

When ordering from the factory, farmers can choose between Select, Premium, or Ultimate comfort and visibility packages. Footrests, a refrigerator, and a heated and ventilated massaging seat are part of the Ultimate comfort and convenience package. There are 24 work LED and 8 convenience LED lights; mirrors that are electric, heated, and telescoping; sunshades; and front and rear cameras in the Ultimate visibility package.

For farmers who want top of the line, these Ultimate packages are bundled in a Signature Edition. The Signature Edition includes a Generation 4 Extended Display, dual hydraulic pumps, Automation 3.0 activation/AutoLoad for Scraper Special tractors, and HydraCushion front-axle suspension on 9R models.

A model year 2022 John Deere 9R
Photo credit: John Deere

John Deere 9R Tractor

Wheeled 9R tractors are available in six models ranging from 390 to 640 hp.:

  • 9R 390
  • 9R 440
  • 9R 490
  • 9R 540
  • 9R 590
  • 9R 640

Many tire options are available.

An industry-exclusive HydraCushion suspension option can be added to reduce tractor bouncing during transport, improve ride quality, and reduce the potential for powerhop in the field.

John Deere 9RT model year 2022
Photo credit: John Deere

John Deere 9RT Tractor

Two-track 9RT tractors are available in three models ranging from 470 to 570 hp.:

  • 9RT 470
  • 9RT 520
  • 9RT 570

These models feature an industry-exclusive AirCushion walking beam suspension that improves ride quality.

Two-track configurations are equipped especially for straight-line pulling and broad-acre tillage because they provide a large footprint with less ground pressure and lower slip values than wheeled tractors.

John Deere 9RX
Photo credit: John Deere

John Deere 9RX Tractor

Four-track 9RX tractors are available in four models ranging from 490 to 640 hp.:

  • 9 RX 490
  • 9 RX 540
  • 9 RX 590
  • 9 RX 640

Multiple track widths and tread spacings are available.

These tractors are engineered to offer the comfort and maneuverability of a wheel tractor with the pulling performance and flotation of a track tractor.


These model year 2022 tractors can be ordered now. Visit, or contact your local dealer for more information.

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