John Deere announces updates for 2021 7R and 8R tractors

Model year 2021 John Deere 7R tractors will be available in an additional size and feature improved ride quality and steering upgrades. The steering upgrade and a new tire option will be available on new 8R tractors.

New horsepower offerings

A 350-hp. tractor has been added to the 7R family. This is a 20-hp. increase over the largest 7R tractor offered in model year 2020. The new 7R 350 has a base weight of 24,700 pounds. Deere claims this machine has the best power-to-weight ratio of any tractor in its entire lineup.

Triple Link Suspension and Infinitely Variable Transmission are standard equipment on the 7R 350. CommandPRO controls are optional and may be attractive to farmers needing precise speed control and easy implement hookups.

“The new 7R 350 is the right choice for jobs that require significant power. Customers will benefit from the maneuverability and lighter footprint of the smaller chassis offered by this tractor,” says Ryan Jardon of John Deere. “If you’re hauling slurry or forage or need to power large mowing and baling equipment, these tractors are an ideal fit.”

Ride control for hay farmers

New LSB Ride Control was added to the 7R series as a factory-installed option for producers who spend long hours in the cab doing hay and forage work. The inertia generated by the baler and transmitted to the tractor can result in poor ride quality. To compensate, some producers use a bigger tractor than necessary to power their baler.

“This new option gives farmers the ability to use a lighter 7R tractor with LBS Ride Control to better manage operator comfort and to reduce soil compaction and crop damage thanks to the tractor’s lighter footprint,” Jardon says.

MY 2021 John Deere tractor with big square baler
Photo credit: John Deere

LSB Ride Control works by modulating the tractor’s IVT to compensate for the rocking motion of the baler plunger. The system self-adjusts over changes in crop density and field condition, so the operator stays comfortable.

This system is available as a factory-installed option for 7R tractors equipped with an IVT. It is compatible with John Deere L331 and L341 large square balers. A John Deere StarFire receiver is also necessary to use LSB Ride Control.

ActiveCommand Steering 2 option

ActiveCommand Steering 2 (ACS 2) replaces the original ActiveCommand Steering system and will be available as a factory-installed option on 7R and 8R tractors. The new system reduces steering effort for the operator and improves line holding during transport. With ACS, two operators can adjust steering sensitivity and steering wheel resistance. Alternatively, they can turn on variable-ratio steering.

2021 John Deere tractor pulling planter
Photo credit: John Deere

“ActiveCommand Steering 2 gives operators enhanced control over steering system settings to best fit the work being done. For example, ACS 2 can be set to make it easier to turn the tractor in the field or can be set to provide a more automotive-like steering experience during transport. In a tractor equipped with ACS 2, it’s noticeably easier to handle curves, for example, compared with a tractor without this option,” says Jardon.

LSW tire option

The three largest 8R tractors, the 8R 340, 8R 370, and 8R 410, can be ordered with Low Sidewall tires (LSW) for model year 2021. Tractors must be equipped with Independent Link Suspension to accommodate LSWs.

“This combination provides outstanding ride quality with all the benefits of a single tire and a large footprint, such as decreased compaction, in a narrow transport package,” says Jardon.


Orders are open now for both 2021 7R and 8R tractors. Deliveries will begin in November. Both tractors will be built in Waterloo, Iowa.

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