John Deere Redesigns 6M Tractors for 2020

John Deere has unveiled its redesigned 6M series of tractors for the 2020 model year. The series features eight cab models that range from 110 to 195 hp. This updated line of tractors includes a number of comfort and technology improvements not previously available in the mid-spec 6 tractors.

Lyle McMillan, marketing manager explains the revamped tractors were designed for farmers and ranchers looking to tackle a variety of chores that come with a diverse operation. “Because of their compact size, wide horsepower range, and versatility, the 6M tractors have been a popular power choice for a variety of dairy, livestock, hay, and diversified ag customers, as well as roadside mowing and property maintenance, and other off-farm tasks such as snow removal,” he says.

Comfort and Visibility from the Cab

A more comfortable cab was designed with a farmer’s long hours and need for visibility in mind. The digital display has been relocated to the cab corner post. This allows more visibility of machine function out the front windshield. A panoramic roof offers an extended view for loader work to cut back on the bending and twisting an operator has had to do to keep the load in sight in the past.

6110M and 6120M

The 6110M and 6120M tractors have additional features designed to make them more suited to farmers’ needs. These two models have a 94.5-inch wheelbase. That’s 7 inches shorter than previous models. This shorter wheelbase enables a tighter turning radius that is often necessary for livestock chores and mowing tasks. Also, the hood to these models has been redesigned to offer more visibility. Compared to previous models, this allows users to see over 7 feet closer to the tractor.

“We’ve also improved ride quality on these two models due to optional front-axle suspension and cab/loader suspension systems,” McMillan notes. “The 6110M and 6120M may be the most versatile haying, feeding, and all-around chore tractors we have on the market, ideal for many different types of on-farm and off-farm chores, and these changes make them an even better fit.”

New 6140M

The 6M family of tractors has been expanded for 2020 to include a 140-hp. 6140M model to better serve livestock farmers and diversified ag operations. This small-frame, four-cylinder tractor has a 101.6-inch wheelbase designed for maneuvering tight spaces. It may be attractive for farmers who have challenging terrain or plan to do a lot of PTO work.

600R Loader Optimized

This series of tractors can be ordered loader-ready from the factory, and they are designed to work with the new John Deere 600R loader. The 600R loader further improves operator visibility with more LED lights. It is designed to perform in a variety of situations with a curved boom and underslung leveling links. This loader has a lift capacity of more than 4,100 pounds and maximum lift height of 1564 inches, nearly 13 feet. Its cycle time is less than 6 seconds.

John Deere

Small Tractors with Big Technology

Precision agriculture tools often found on larger or higher spec tractors are now available on the 2020 6M models. Factory-installed AutoTrac guidance is available for the first time on these smaller tractors and may improve productivity for farmers who use these tractors for mowing hay. JDLink telematics are also an option on the new 6Ms. This system can be used for fleet management, service updates, and maintenance alerts.

Other Work-Ready Features

Four models – 6110M, 6120M, 6130M, and 6140M – will come equipped with 20-hp. Intelligent Power Management. This system gives the operator an extra boost in applications where a little more power is necessary. 

The optional compact CommandARM enables fingertip machine and implement control. The operator can quickly change directions forward to reverse without moving the position of their hands from loader joystick thanks to the new PowrReverser button.

A hydraulic remote implement latch is another optional feature. This allows a farmer to switch loading attachments more quickly without getting out of the cab.

The 6M tractors can be ordered with up to four electronic selective control valves.

front end of 2020 John Deere 6M
Natalina Sents

Optional front hitch and PTO enable mounting and operation of front-end equipment such as snowblowers or mowers.

LED lights are also an option from the factory.

Price and Availability

The 2020 6M series tractors can be ordered now and will be available later in 2020. See this machine in person at the 2019 Ohio Farm Science Review or World Ag Expo in 2020. To learn more, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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