John Deere's New Product Line-Up for 2013

  • 5E Series Utility Tractor

    John Deere has significantly improved its 5 Series Utility Tractor lineup for 2013, with more horsepower, cab and transmission options than ever before.

  • 6 Series Tractor

    John Deere has expanded its 6 Series Tractor family with the introduction of 12 new models in the 105 to 170 engine horsepower range for 2013.

  • 6 Series Tractors

    These new 6 Series Tractor models are designed to provide the power, comfort, and performance that meet the needs of a wide range of crop and livestock producers and governmental agencies.

  • 9 Series Round Balers

    Building on the reliability and popularity of its 8 Series Round Balers, John Deere introduces 12 new models of its 9 Series Round Balers for 2013.

  • 9 Series Round Balers

    The new large round balers, which include additional Class III and IV models, have larger cams and bearings in the pickup on premium models, Diamond® chains, and many other enhancements that increase durability and productivity of the balers while making service and maintenance easier.

  • H-Series Loaders

    To make it easier for operators to more consistently position and level front loaders when performing repetitive loader tasks, John Deere offers the Return-To-Position (RTP)/Electronic Self-Leveling (ESL) option for its H-Series Loaders. Both RTP and ESL features integrate loader operations with the tractor CommandCenter and the joystick to activate, interact and control the system.

  • 1910 Commodity Air Cart

    With increased demand from small grain farmers wanting to plant more acres faster, John Deere introduces a larger 1910 Commodity Air Cart to its air seeding equipment lineup for 2013. The new 550-bushel tow-behind 1910 Commodity Carts give operators the ability to accurately apply seed and fertilizer with fewer refilling stops.

  • KernelStar

    John Deere announces that it will further advance its biomass and livestock feed processing systems through the acquisition of the innovative KernelStar kernel and forage processing technology for self-propelled forage harvesters. The company has acquired the intellectual property rights for the technology from the German company CAWI.

  • Mower Conditioners

    To provide hay and forage producers with more mowing options, John Deere has added two sickle cutterbar mower conditioners to its product line-up. The two new mo-co models include the M160A and M180A, both center pivot, pull-type machines. They feature double-knife sickle cutterbar platforms which are also used on the auger heads of the new John Deere Self-Propelled Windrowers.

  • MS23 Side-Discharge Manure Spreaders

    Spreading manure to fertilize fields has long been an inexact science, with some areas receiving too much and others too little. Now, however, farmers can take precise distribution to the next level with the innovative MS23 Series of Side-Discharge Manure Spreaders from Frontier Equipment.

  • W110 and W150 Self-Propelled Windrowers

    To provide small grain and hay and forage producers, globally, with additional horsepower levels and header options in self-propelled windrowers (SPW), John Deere introduces the new W110 and W150 Self-Propelled Windrowers for 2013. These two models replace the 140 engine horsepower A400 SPW and complement the existing 200 horsepower R450 and D450 models.

  • New 7080 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

    In an effort to meet Interim Tier 4 emissions requirements across all equipment platforms, John Deere introduces six new Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH) for 2013.

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