Kubota introduces 3 new models of L60LE compact tractors

The L60LE Series of compact tractors from Kubota has been expanded to a total of four models. Two cab models and two ROPS models range from 37 to 42 hp.

“Last year, Kubota launched a single unit, the L3560HSTC-LE, based on the market-driven needs for an affordable, deluxe cab. Since then, we found that many of our customers were looking for tractors that would provide the level of quality, comfort, and entry-level affordability the L3560HSTC-LE offered, but needed either a little bit more horsepower or availability in a ROPs version. It was with these market-driven needs that I am excited to introduce the completion of an entire L60LE Series, adding three more models with a variety of sizes and power options,” says Kelcey Richardson, Kubota product manager.

This series of tractors was designed with hobby farmers, acreage owners, and equestrian facilities in mind.

“This new series really is a steal for anyone who wants the best bang for their buck in terms of both premium features and affordability,” adds Richardson.

All four models are equipped with an all-metal hood and fenders for durability. They’re powered by Kubota-built diesel engines.

The company’s HST Plus Transmission is also a standard feature on all models and is engineered to provide smooth, quiet operation. This transmission features Stall Guard and Auto Throttle Advance to make the tractor easy to operate, no matter the experience level.


The smaller L3560LE is offered in a cab or ROPS model.

The three-point hitch on this machine has a lift capacity of 2,646 pounds.


The L4060LE has a larger frame, and is also available in a cab or ROPS model.

The three-point hitch on L4060LE models has a lift capacity of 2,760 pounds.

Additional Tools for Work

When equipped with an optional LA55 or LA805 front loader, these compact tractors have a loader lift capacity of 1,715 pounds. The front loader lift maxes out at 105 inches.

A ROPS model of Kubota's latest compact tractor drives along a fence line
Photo credit: Kubota

BH77 and BH92 backhoes can be added to these machines for digging around the farmyard or acreage. The backhoes feature full-flat decks and a quick attach/detach mounting system

A mid-PTO option can be used with a number of front-mounted snow removal implements.

Other optional accessories include an air-ride seat, ROPS canopies, front weights, and rear hydraulic remote valves.

Operator Comfort

All four models of the L60LE tractors include a number of features to keep down operator fatigue and boost productivity. A standard deluxe suspension seat with a swivel feature, tilt steering, electric PTO switch, rubber deck floormat, wide step, cup holder, full open hood, and ground level fuel tank fill are standard equipment.

Cabbed models have the wide, deluxe Grand L cab with heat and air conditioning.

Cabbed Kubota compact tractor transports round bales with cattle in the background
Photo credit: Kubota

Price and Availability

All four of these new compact tractor models will be available starting November 2020. The starting price for tractors in this series is $23,474. To learn more visit your local Kubota dealer.

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