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Kubota Introduces New Subcompact Diesel Tractor Line

Since Kubota Tractor Company introduced its original BX Series in 2000, the company has continued to improve its subcompact tractor offerings. Kubota’s newest line of subcompact diesel tractors – the BX80 Series – was created to be a versatile and affordable option for first-time tractor buyers.

The line is made up of four new tractor models – BX1880, BX2380, BX2680, and BX23S – including a standard-equipped front loader and backhoe unit.

“Whether it’s mowing, landscaping, or blowing snow, the do-it-all BX Series makes outdoor chores enjoyable year-round,” says Robert Cockroft, Kubota’s subcompact and compact tractor product manager. “It’s the perfect choice for first-time tractor buyers, and it’s sure to be the sharpest-looking tool in your garage.”

Each of the BX80 tractors is powered by a Kubota liquid-cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine and is four-wheel drive. That means better traction for tough tasks and less fuel wasted. The BX1880, BX2380, and BX2680 are powered by 18- hp., 23-hp., and 25.5-hp. engines. Those models also fit through standard 7-foot-high garage doors and are equipped with ROPS systems. 

On All Four Models

A new four-point hitch is on the front of the models, and the standard Category I 3-point hitch is on the back, which makes attaching any of the many Land Pride implements simple. Every one of the tractors includes an easy-attach, mid-mount mower available with a fine-cut or standard-cut deck. 

Because of the Swift-Tach systems on all four models, it isn’t necessary to leave the operator’s station to attach or to remove loaders. A single-lever hydraulic disconnect will let you disconnect all four hydraulic lines at once. 

If wanted, you can get a two-lever quick couple and third-function hydraulics to create an even more versatile front loader. 

If leaking grease drives you crazy, you’ll be happy to know that the no-leak grease fitting on the loaders won’t let grease leak around the sides of the pin or the floor where it’s being stored. A flat-faced coupler also contributes to keeping storage areas clean and leak-free when the loader isn’t connected. 

Kubota’s Latest Backhoe Unit

The standard-equipped backhoe unit, the BX23S, is a workhorse because of its LA340 Swift-Tach Loader and the new BT603 Swift-Connect Backhoe. Attaching and detaching the front loader is pretty simple, but the backhoe can be swiftly taken off without tools since there are no pins to deal with. 

Expect impressive torque with this model, because it’s powered by a 23-hp. engine. You can even choose whether or not you want a 16-inch bucket and mechanical thumb for the backhoe unit.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Kubota’s latest subcompact offerings, you should be able to order in the spring.

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