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Monarch launches production of the first MK-V electric tractors

Monarch Tractor has announced the first of its MK-V tractors are coming off the production line at its headquarters in Livermore, California in partnership with Constellation brands. 

This comes less than two years after the Monarch MK-V, the fully electric, driver-optional smart tractor. Its combination of electrification, automation, and data analysis is designed to help farmers reduce their carbon footprint, improve safety, and streamline farming operations.

“This is a momentous day for Monarch Tractor that has been years in the making,” says Praveen Penmetsa, co-founder and CEO of Monarch Tractor. “Our team has worked tirelessly and relentlessly with a mission to make farming more profitable and sustainable. We’re proud to see our commitment to technological innovation and sustainable solutions culminate in celebrating our first tractor off the production line, which, I might add, is powered by renewable energy.” 

Constellation Brands, a wine, spirits, and beer producer, has purchased the first six of the Founder Series MK-V tractor. This order will be followed by additional shipments of the MK-V to other large corporations, as well as family farms. 

According to Monarch, use of the MK-V in place of a comparable diesel tractor has an equivalent emission reduction to removing 14 passenger vehicles from the world. Monarch Tractors aims to make meaningful emissions reductions, as well as solve challenges like labor shortages, safety concerns, increased customer scrutiny for sustainable practices, and government regulations. 

Taking a closer look at the MK-V

Monarch's MK-V autonomous tractor.
Monarch Tractors

The Monarch MK-V tractor is 100% electric, with zero tailpipe emissions. These tractors have an electric drivetrain capable of 40 hp. (30 kW). It can also serve as an electric generator while in the field. 

These tractors are driver-optional, using autonomous hardware and software to perform pre-programmed tasks without a driver. Farmers can also enable Shadow mode to have the tractor follow a worker while on the job. 

The MK-V collects and analyzes crop data, as well as processing data from current generation implements equipped with sensors and imaging. This data is used to make real time adjustments, long-term yield estimates, and other crop health metrics. 

The tractor also has safety features including rollover and collision protection, vision-based PTO safety, and 360° cameras.

All of this can be managed through a smartphone or personal computer, where users can receive status alerts, detailed reports, and data for farm planning. 

For more information about Monarch Tractors’ MK-V, visit

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