New AgraEdge tire line from Titan

Titan International has announced a new, full line of AgraEdge tires now available in 17 sizes. These are the most popular front and rear row-crop mechanical front-wheel-drive (MFWD) tractor sizes. More sizes specifically for 4WD tractors, combines, and grain carts will be introduced later in 2021.

“With the AgraEdge, we’ve taken the best elements of our existing lines and incorporated the newest design innovations to create a high-performing, modern looking, cost-competitive tire,” says Scott Sloan, ag product manager at Titan. “We’re proud to have developed and to produce these tires right here in America to support our North American farmers. We believe buying American is something every U.S. farmer can stand behind, and it’s something that sets Titan — and the AgraEdge ­— apart from many in the industry.”

AgraEdge Design

The AgraEdge is a radial R-1W tire with a modern design. Rubber compounding has improved, and these tires are engineered with the latest materials and construction techniques. New construction in the tire sidewall and lug angle provide excellent roading capacity, the company says.

The lug angle on these tires is designed to be self-cleaning and provide good traction. At the same time, this line of tires provides greater deflection and an improved footprint for less soil compaction.

Warranty information

AgraEdge tires are covered by Titan’s radial warranty:

  • 8-year coverage for tire workmanship and material with prorated refund based on years in service and percentage wear. This includes a 2-year no-cost replacement (service not included).
  • 1-year field hazard protection plan offers prorated refund for select cases of field hazard damage.
  • 2-year stubble damage protection plan covers all Titan radials.

Size details

The 17 sizes now available range from 380/85R28 up to 520/85R42 to match the most common MFWD tractor front and rear configurations. The company plans to expand the offering to a total of 44 sizes throughout 2021. These will include options for additional row crop applications and flotation sizes.

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