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New Genesis T8 Series Tractor With PLM Intelligence From New Holland

The new Genesis T8 series tractor introduced by New Holland at the 2019 National Farm Machinery show features a revamped cab, improved precision technology, and customizable controls.

“Based on firsthand input from farmers in the field, we’ve created a tractor that’s literally built for the way they work,” says Ken Paul, product marketing manager for the company.

A more comfortable and intuitive operating experience improves efficiency and safety during the long hours of planting and harvest seasons.

Revamped cab

The updated New Holland cab features additional storage compared with previous models, egress lights, an ergonomic seat, and more power ports and heat or air conditioning vents.

Three major changes significantly increase visibility from the cab of the new Genesis T8. The large door of the Genesis T8 spans the entire side of the cab, eliminating the post in the middle that is present on previous models. This offers an unobstructed view out the side.

The new InfoView monitor displays critical information such as speed, fuel position, and gear selection. Mounted horizontally just above the steering wheel, this LCD screen is positioned in the operator’s direct line-of-sight similar to a car or truck.

Finally, standard front- and rear-mounted cameras help the driver navigate traffic, maneuver through tight spots around the farmyard, and hook and unhook implements more safely and efficiently.

New Holland

Customizable controls

Using the touchscreen IntelliView 12 display, operators can customize the controls at their fingertips with just a few clicks. The controls can be reassigned to best suit individual users and the indented task.

The new display was designed to be intuitive for farmers. The system has been improved to cut down on the number of clicks necessary before the operator can get to work.

“If someone can operate a smartphone, they can operate the new IntelliView 12,” Paul explains.

Color-coded hydraulic controls are mounted on the machine’s redesigned armrest.

“Let’s say, for example, you have one operator who gets in the tractor in the morning and he likes to raise and lower the tillage tool with paddle one. Then maybe the guy coming in in the afternoon would rather have it on the far right-hand paddle. In the past, the operator would actually have to get out and change the hoses up. They don’t have to do that anymore,” Paul says. “They can go to the screen and reassign the paddle functions.”

The new armrest has been simplified to be less overwhelming.

Paul says, “We’ve reduced the number of buttons that we had on the armrest by 30%, basically taking away any of the buttons that really weren't used a lot. The buttons that are closest to the operator are used the most.”

He adds, “We put though a lot of the functionality that we took away from the armrest we kept, but we put it in the display.”

Improved precision technology

The company says on top of the new cab and more user-friendly controls, the most innovative change in the T8 is the New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) platform.

These days precision technology is a must, says Luke Zerby, PLM marketing manager. “Precision farming is no longer a nice-to-have when we talk about cash crop farming, or even hay and forage operations. Precision farming is absolutely needed moving forward. The fact that we have gone to the most completely integrated system allows us to be faster with updates and bring more features to the customers.”

Luke Zerby

Zerby says the company’s precision technology is best described as open, connected, smart, and supported. “PLM Intelligence maximizes all of these, utilizing ISOBUS class III technology to keep you completely connected through MyPLM Connect and APIs to share and analyze your data, and now to enhance support functionality through one’s local New Holland dealer. This is all through a simple tablet-based user interface, allowing the farmer to do more, and do it easier than ever before.”

Price and availability

Pricing information has not yet been announced. Farmers can get a closer look at the new tractor at the 2019 World Ag Expo, 2019 National Farm Machinery Show, 2019 Commodity Classic, and 2019 Farm Progress Show in Canada.

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