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New Holland Methane Tractor

Every year, manufacturers strive to make tractors more fuel efficient through advanced engine technology. New Holland is also working toward that goal, but it is taking a different approach by experimenting with a methane-powered tractor. Unlike its traditional T6 tractors, the New Holland T6 Methane Power is powered by a natural gas engine manufactured by FPT International, a sister company of New Holland.

The 135-hp. T6 Methane Power, which is the second-generation prototype, can cut fuel costs by 20% to 40%. The alternative-fuel tractor can lower polluting emissions by 80% compared with a standard diesel tractor.

The compressed methane is stored in nine tanks on the T6 that can carry 110 pounds of methane. This is enough fuel for a half day of work. A 4-liter gas tank provides a backup fuel source.

New Holland has been testing the Methane Power at a farm called La Bellota in Italy. At La Bellota, New Holland is attempting to produce an energy-independent farm where the farm generates the energy it needs from crops it grows, along with recycled waste by-products, to run the operation and farming equipment. New Holland hopes to launch the Methane Power in the next five to 10 years.

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