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New Puma tractors from Case IH integrate AFS Connect technology

Case IH has launched a new lineup of AFS Connect-integrated Puma tractors, as well as new models for the series. 

The new Puma lineup is designed for livestock and row crop operations, with AFS Connect integrated for farmers to more easily track their fleet, according to J.E. Cadle, mid-range tractor marketing manager at Case IH. 

“With two new models to expand the Puma series tractor lineup, we’re confident that these updates will be beneficial to operators across a wide range of operations,” says Cadle.

Performance updates

The AFS Connect Puma lineup includes the 185, 200, 220, 240 tractors and the new 260 model. The Puma 260 runs at 260 engine hp, with a peak of 300 hp. 

The 260 comes standard with heavy-duty class 4.5 front, and heavy duty rear axles, allowing for larger diameter rear tires to help pull larger implements. These updates are available as an option on the Puma 220 and 240 tractors.  

The new models have a larger 124-gallon fuel tank for longer runtimes between fills.

Operator comforts

The new tractors have a larger cab with more head and leg room, and greater visibility. These feature a larger entryway with redesigned steps for easy entry and exit. In-cab storage has been expanded, including a new optional cooling storage box for food and beverages. 

Models with the CVXDrive transmission can also adjust the optional hydraulic cab suspension with the AFS Pro 1200 display. 

For maintenance, Case IH has added new rear hydraulic remote valves with pressure release levers, updated right hand steps with an easy-open battery box, and two integrated tool storage compartments.

AFC Connect updates

Case IH’s AFS Connect is now built directly into the Puma tractors, with three in-cab system components:

The AFS Pro 1200 has a 12.4-inch screen, can display additional camera feeds, and has Bluetooth pairing. Remote display viewing capabilities can be accessed by a farm manager or Case IH dealer for remote diagnostics.

The AFS Vision Pro operating system allows operators to customize and configure tractor settings according to their preferences. This includes seven programmable run screens, and split-screen viewing.

The AFS Vector Pro receiver improves guidance and streamlines connection signals.

Puma 175

The new 175 model is joining the line of standard, short wheelbase Puma tractors, running at 180 engine hp, with a peak of 225 hp, relying on the updated CVXDrive variable transmission. This model features all the same updates as the standard 2022 Puma series tractors. 


The new AFS Connect Puma 185, 200, 220, 240, and 260 tractors, and the new Puma 175 tractor are available to order now. For more information, visit

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