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New Track Systems From Camso (Formerly Camoplast)

If you own tracked equipment, there’s a good chance some of the tracks were designed and manufactured by Camso. The Canadian company has partnerships with most of the major OEMs in the ag market – John Deere, AGCO, Case IH, New Holland, and Claas – and Camso tracks come standard on multiple pieces of equipment, including the Case IH Quadtrac and John Deere’s new 9RX.

You probably don’t recognize the name Camso. That’s because Camso is a new branding effort by Camoplast Solideal to showcase the company’s focus on off-road mobility. (Camoplast, a track manufacturer, acquired Solideal, a tire company, in 2010.)

“With Camso we get the best of Camoplast and Solideal,” says Pierre Marcouiller, CEO and chairman of the board for Camso. “We are a road-free company that is dedicated solely to the off-road market, and this is where we will focus all of our energy and efforts.”

New track offerings
The goal of Camso is to have a track option for every piece of equipment that could touch a farmer’s field, explains Martin Lunkenbein with Camso. That’s why Camso has an extensive line of tracks and continues to bring more to the marketplace.

“By understanding the challenges and objectives of growers, we can drive product development,” says Lunkenbein. “A prime example of this was the new 4500 and 6500 track line.

“Tractors, grain carts, and combines are all getting heavier,” he adds. “Every time these vehicles touch the field, there is an impact in the form of compaction. The 4500 and 6500 tracks are designed to better withstand the intensive duty cycles of high-horsepower tractors while reducing the cost of operation by extending track life.”

Camso tracks feature a heavy-duty track shield carcass with wear and puncture resistance, which provides longer track life. The tracks also include chevron-tapered diagonal treadbars to provide the optimal balance between traction, cleanout, ground disturbance, vibration, and ride quality.

Conversion Track Systems
Also new this year is a Conversion Track System (CTS) for 250- to 380-hp. tractors, which is similar to the system Camso unveiled last year for harvesters. The new system was designed primarily for tillage applications.

“You can replace the wheels on your tractor with CTS to have more flotation, reduce compaction, improve efficiencies, and ultimately improve yields,” says Lunkenbein.

With only one grease point per undercarriage, the new 24- and 30-inch tracks require low maintenance. Additional highlights include a positive drive sprocket that engages eight lugs to maximize the power transfer to the ground, and double oscillating wheels that allow the mid-wheels to move from front to back and side to side to evenly distribute the load and improve the ride quality.

The conversion track system takes two to three hours to install per axle. Call your local dealer for pricing information.

40 Series Trailed Track System
Camso is adding to its trailed track system line with the new 40 series. Designed for narrow-frame row-crop applications, the 15- and 18-inch tracks have a 40,000-pound capacity.

These tracks also feature double oscillating wheels to maintain greater ground contact and improve toolbar stability and product placement. A swing link design with positive locking features simplifies the track alignment process.

“This product was brought about from discussions with our OEM partners and customers, primarily for applicators,” explains Lunkenbein. “You will see this track system introduced on equipment in the coming months.”

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