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682 Maximum Horsepower

For years, farm equipment has grown larger and more powerful. Will the trend of bigger, more powerful equipment continue? This year, Case IH is answering with a bold yes. The company’s 2014 lineup includes its largest Steiger and Rowtrac tractors.

“The Steiger 620 is designed to easily handle the industry’s largest tillage tools and to do it with less fuel,” says Mitch Kaiser of Case IH. To help pull through tough spots, the 620 boasts 682 maximum engine horsepower. An additional 35-hp. boost delivers extra power for transport, hydraulics, and PTO. The 620 is powered by a 12.9-liter Case IH FPT engine with two-stage turbocharging.

The Rowtrac 500 adds 50 hp. to the Rowtrac line and introduces an even wider track undercarriage. “The higher horsepower and wider undercarriage options mean the Rowtrac can perform in even more applications and get you into fields in even more varied conditions,” says Kaiser.

The wider undercarriage will accommodate 24- and 30-inch tracks, applying less ground pressure on the soil between rows. The new option will be available on Rowtrac models from 350 hp. to 500 hp.

Upgrades across the board

All of the new models offer more torque, improved lugging power, and more responsive performance. Operating big planters and seeders is easier with eight hydraulic remotes and up to 113 gallons-per-minute hydraulic flow.

The tractors also boast a stronger frame and longer wheelbase with improved weight distribution.

The MultiFunction handle now has a thumb wheel setting for field Diesel Saver Automatic Productivity Management control to make easier, more positive shifts while saving fuel. The thumb control also sets the desired field ground speed, like cruise control in a car.

“We also redesigned the buttons so they’re raised, they’re larger and softer, and they’re sized to differentiate functions,” says Kaiser. “Now, you can tell the buttons apart by touch alone, making switching functions even simpler. The upgraded handle is backlit to make working at night easier.”

The Surveyor cab includes new features, such as ventilation fans for cooling leather seats, an extendable lower seat cushion, and a right-hand power fore-and-aft adjustment for positioning the MultiControl armrest.


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