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A new herd of Deere

They aren't the biggest or the flashiest. But they do provide the versatility necessary for a variety of applications. With 12 new models to choose from, John Deere expands the options for small tractors.

Adding onto its 6R Series tractors for row-crop application, John Deere brings out the 6140R and 6150R. These two models complete the 6R model lineup, giving you eight different models to choose from at 105 hp. to 210 hp.

“The 6140R and 6150R models replace previous 7030 Premium models. They include a larger cab for increased comfort and visibility, GreenStar CommandCenter display, and precision ag technology options found on our larger R Series tractors,” says Rachel Wayson, John Deere Tractor Works. “The new models combine the power and maneuverability you need for hay baling, loader work, and row-crop operations.”

New on the 6R Series is the DirectDrive transmission. The newly designed 24-speed transmission combines the handling abilities of an IVT transmission with the power of a mechanical transmission. DirectDrive is available on 6140R through 6210R models.

Both 6R models come standard with John Deere 6.8-liter PowerTech PVX engines with Intelligent Power Management. This provides an additional 20-hp. during transport and non-stationary PTO applications.

Replacing the 6030 and 7030 models are six new 6M Series tractors ranging from 105 hp. to 170 hp.

“The new 6M tractors have additional transmission options, increased hitch and hydraulic capacities, and provide IT4 emission-compliant engines,” explains Wayson. “The new models offer customers a higher horsepower tractor at a mid-range specification level.”

There are four new 6D models with upgraded features, including right-hand cab controls, optional instructional seat, expanded three-point-hitch lift capacity, and increased hydraulic flow for loader operations. 

Spec'ing it Out

6R series

Models: 6140R and 6150R

Horsepower range: 140 hp. to 150 hp.


• 20-speed AutoQuad Plus ECO (standard equipment)
• 16-speed PowerQuad Plus (optional)
• IVT (optional)
• 24-speed DirectDrive (optional)

Base price: $128,370 to $135,634

6M series

Models: 6105M, 6115M, 6125M, 6140M, 6150M, and 6170M

Horsepower range: 105 hp. to 170 hp.

• 24-speed PowerQuad Plus (standard equipment)
• 16-speed PowerQuad Plus (optional)
• 24-speed AutoQuad Plus (optional)

Creeper transmissions:
• 16-speed PowerQuad Plus (optional)
• 24-speed PowerQuad Plus (optional)
• 24-speed AutoQuad Plus (optional)

Base price: $87,859 to $127,029

6D series

Models: 6105D, 6115D, 6130D, and 6140D

Horsepower range: 105 hp. to 140 hp.

• 9-speed PowerReverser MFWD (standard equipment)
• 9-speed PowerReverser 2WD (optional)

Base price: $53,580 to $74,843

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