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John Deere 9RX

It’s no secret that John Deere has been developing a high-horsepower tractor with four tracks. Last August at the company’s dealer meeting, a prototype dubbed the 9RX, sporting four-wide tracks, was rolled out to thundering applause. Dealers and customers wondered how long it would be until the new technology was available.

The wait is officially over. John Deere will start offering the 9RX for model year 2016.


“The 9RX has been in development for several years because customers have asked for a solution with a four-track undercarriage to meet particular needs,” says Jerry Griffith with John Deere. “It was a gap in our portfolio we are happy to close.”

The heart of the 9RX
The potential of any tracked tractor lies within the undercarriage system. Using a sealed cartridge mid-roller design proven on John Deere two-track tractors, the 9RX undercarriage features a large-diameter 39.5-inch drive sprocket, optimally placed idlers and mid-rollers, and a field-tested track tensioning and alignment system.

“When we designed the undercarriage, we wanted good reliability and ease of maintenance,” explains Griffith. “Around reliability, one of the first things you notice is the taller undercarriage and larger components used compared with competitors'. One of the main benefits of a larger undercarriage is that the belt is 20% longer, which should provide 20% longer life.”

In terms of maintenance, John Deere’s lubed-for-life, mid-roller design allows you to go up to 1,500 hours before checking the oil level and never requires an oil change.

Smooth ride
To isolate the cab and operator from impacts and vibration, the 9RX uses a parallel plane four-bar linkage cab suspension system.

“Each corner on the cab has its own suspension system with a shock absorber unit,” says Griffith. “The linkage keeps all four corners in sync, so as the tractor encounters bumps in the field, the operator’s environment is suspended above the rest of the tractor to provide an outstanding ride.”

Available options
The 9RX will be available in four models from 470 to 620 hp. These models are powered by the John Deere PowerTech PSS 13.5-liter engine and the Cummins QSX15 engine.

The Camoplast Duradrive 3500 and 6500 series tracks are the glue sticking the 9RX power to the ground. The 3500 and 6500 tracks are the positive-drive versions of the Duradrive 4500 and 6500 tracks used on the 9RT series. Positive-drive tracks use drive lugs that mesh with the drive sprocket to effectively transfer power through tracks in high-horsepower, high-torque applications.

The 9RX wide belt tractor undercarriages will be available in 30- and 36-inch widths, putting the tractor at 10- and 11-feet wide, respectively. “We are also in development for a product with narrow tracks that will be row-crop compatible,” adds Griffith.

The 9RX is available with the same benefits as the 9R family, including the CommandView III cab, e18 transmission with Efficiency Manager, Generation 4 CommandCenter, integrated Farm Sight technologies, and optional Active Command Steering.

The tractors weigh in at 60,000 pounds and come ballasted and ready to work. The smallest 9RX - the 9470RX - starts at $497,645 and the largest four-track - the 9620RX - comes in at $574,786.

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