John Deere releases the new 7R Tractor

  • More horsepower

    John Deere is releasing five new 7R Tractor models from 210 to 290 horsepower for 2014. The new engine meets Final Tier 4 emissions requirements and the e23 Power Shift Transmission gives the 7R more power, performance, and greater control.

  • New e23 Power Shift Transmission

    The new e23 Power Shift Transmission is included on all five 7R models. The transmission has 23 equally spaced forward gears and 11 reverse gears that enable many efficiency advantages. The Efficiency Manage feature also optimizes fluid economy during fluid operations and transport.

  • John Deere FarmSight

    Here, new 7R Tractors roll out for the Ride and Drive, you can see on top of the cab, John Deere FarmSight. “The remote machine information systems provide off-site dealer diagnostic capabilities and help reduce downtime and operational cost,” says division marketing manager, Jarrod McGinnis.

  • PowerTech PSS engine

    With the 6.8L or 9.0L PowerTech PSS engine, it boosts 10 to 20 more horsepower and more torque than previous models. “The 7R Tractors are designed to handle a wide variety of chores on the farm and ranch because of their power range and customer-demanded features,” says McGinnis.

John Deere releases five new 7R Tractor models for 2014

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