New iron from AGCO

  • MF5450 Hi-Visibility Hood

    MF5450 Hi-Visibility Hood

    Massey Ferguson’s 75-PTO horsepower MF5450 offers a lower front Hi-Visibility Hood design allowing the operator to see the front of the loader bucket, enhancing control of implements.

  • MF5450 Controls

    MF5450 Controls 

    A left-hand shuttle control leaves the operator’s right hand free to operate other controls, such as a loader joystick.

  • Massey Ferguson MF1526

    Massey Ferguson MF1526

    Massey Ferguson’s MF1526 offers 25 engine horsepower, a three-range hydrostatic transmission and improved ergonomics for more operator comfort and convenience.

  • MF1526 iso-mounted platform

    MF1526 iso-mounted platform

    On the MF1526, a semi-flat iso-mounted platform puts rubber bushings between the platform and the frame to soak up vibration, making the ride smoother and the machine quieter. A molded rubber floor mat provides traction and helps further reduce vibration that could reach the operator.

  • MF1526 instrument panel

    MF1526 instrument panel

    An easy-to-read instrument panel on the MF1526 helps keep the operator informed of the tractor’s performance.

  • Gleaner S7 Series Transverse Rotor Combine

    Gleaner S7 Series Transverse Rotor Combine

    At just under 30,000 pounds and the lightest Class VI and VII rotary on the market, the Gleaner S7 Series combine is getting rave reviews for its ability to eat through large amounts of crop and deliver exceptionally clean grain samples despite challenging crop harvest conditions. Quiet, smooth running, fuel-efficient and with the largest standard 330-bushel (11,239L) grain bin.

  • Gleaner two-stage processor

    Gleaner two-stage processor 

    The first stage of the Gleaner transverse rotor technology cleans heavy material right beneath the accelerator rolls, pushing chaff out the rear of the combine. The second stage comes up through the sieve and chaffer, lifting remaining chaff and carrying it out the rear of the combine, improving cleaning efficiency.

  • Hesston 1363 mower conditioner

    Hesston 1363 mower conditioner

    Hesston’s 1363 10-foot side-pull disc mower conditioner features heavy-duty RazorBar technology, steel-on-steel or rubber-on-rubber conditioner rollers and a strong overhead frame. The RazorBar cutterbar has a thinner cutter profile to provide a close cut yet reduce scalping.

AGCO debuted a number of their latest products at the 2011 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

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