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Super-size tractor

Just when you think machinery can't pack a bigger punch, Case IH announces plans to build the highest horsepower mechanical front-drive tractor on the market. The mega-size machine, the Magnum 370 CVT, was developed to handle the larger-scale row-crop implements, and it kicks out up to 419 maximum boosted engine horsepower.

“The Magnum 370 CVT will represent our most powerful mechanical front-drive tractor yet,” says Case IH's John Bohnker. “This machine is designed to deliver power to the ground with larger row-crop implements such as planters, toolbars, and strip-till rigs, and it bring economies of scale to large-acreage operations.”

If you're looking to upgrade to a larger tractor, this machine offers a number of features to benefit your operation.

Under the hood, you'll find the 8.7L Case IH FPT engine, which helps boost engine horsepower. In order to transfer high-horsepower levels to the ground, the surround frame provides the foundation and working weight ballast needed. The 370 will also feature a heavier final drive and rear axle assembly to harness the added power.

Thanks to selective catalytic reduction technology, the tractor delivers maximum power yet keeps the machine fuel-efficient and the operating costs low.

CVT across entire series

The company also says the Magnum 370 CVT won't be the only model in the series to get the CVT transmission. It will be released as a premium transmission option on the Magnum 235, 260, 290, 315, and 340 models.

“The new CVT transmission for the Magnum 235 to 370 models utilizes a similar design as the CVT in the current Magnum 180 to 225 Series, providing excellent mechanical efficiency through a four-gear-range system,” says Bohnker.

The transmission provides smooth operation with seamless shifting and a continuous selection of working speeds. It allows you to go from 0 to 30 mph without having to manually shift.

The best part is that the CVT technology is user-friendly for less experienced operators and hired help. The multicontrol armrest controls the transmission much like a traditional Case IH full powershift transmission. But it is easier to operate, which makes it a smooth transition for experienced drivers and an easy learning curve for new operators.

“You get the optimum combination of power, efficiency, and ease of operation,” says Bohnker. “CVT allows your tractor to find the sweet spot between power and efficiency, honing in on the optimal combination of engine RPM and transmission gear for the task.”

The Magnum 370 CVT will not be available until late 2012. To learn more, contact your local Case IH dealer or visit

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