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Ready to reboot her acreage

After being selected to receive a new Bobcat tractor, Kristine McCaskill is getting to work reclaiming her land.

When Kristine McCaskill of Florida learned she had been selected to receive the new CT2025 compact tractor in the Reboot Your Acreage Contest from Successful Farming magazine and Bobcat, she didn’t believe the news. “I wasn’t sure it was true until the tractor was delivered,” she says.

In her contest entry, McCaskill wrote, “I have 16 acres that my husband and I used to be able to maintain, then he got sick and after a long battle passed away last year. I had to sell our tractor to help pay for medical expenses.”

She included tree removal, cleaning around the edges of her pond, and pushing back fencerows in the list of chores the 25-hp. Bobcat CT2025 with factory-installed, quick-attach front-end loader could help her accomplish.

“My ultimate dream would be to have everything cleaned and to have a beautiful gazebo built next to the pond and a nice fire pit and outdoor cooking area built for my family to sit and enjoy with me,” she wrote. “I long for the days of large family gatherings with horseshoes, barbecues, and bonfires like we used to have. A new compact tractor would help me return my property to its former glory.”

Now that the tractor is hers, McCaskill is wasting no time getting to work. “I used to think, ‘I need to move that,’ when cutting grass, like big limbs, and now it is so much easier,” she says.

Another job the tractor will be a big help with is filling holes in the lane. “It’s hard to fill a hole like that with a shovel and a bucket,” she says. “I have done that.”

McCaskill has a grader attachment she can use with her new tractor. She says, “I’ll be able to use that to work on the road and also do some smoothing around the pond area. The land is rough from having trees torn out.”

One of the things McCaskill appreciates most about her new CT2025 is how comfortable it is to operate, thanks to its ergonomic controls, suspension seat, power steering, and low-noise engine. Its high ground clearance helps her maneuver over rough ground, and the tight turning radius makes it easier to work in small spaces and move around obstacles.

“I can get on the tractor and just ride around my property and my back doesn’t hurt,” she says. “Sometimes after being on the lawn mower for several hours, my back would ache. It’s also really easy to get on and off the Bobcat. It’s way easier than the old tractor my husband and I used to have.”

The CT2025 includes manual-shift or hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive, a Category 1 three-point hitch, rear PTO, rollover protective structure, and work lights. While her prize is valued at more than $20,000, the transformation McCaskill is working to accomplish is worth much more. “We used to do a lot of family things here,” she says. “I’m looking forward to being able to do that again.”

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