Self-leveling loaders now available for small John Deere tractors

Small John Deere tractors can now be ordered with an optional mechanical self-leveling (MSL) loader engineered to keep loads level throughout the lift. John Deere 1E, 1R, 2R, and 3E compact utility tractors are compatible with this new loader.

Keeping the loader level allows operators to keep materials stable. This also reduces the potential for loaded materials to fall back toward the tractor.

In addition to the safety benefits, MSL loaders have 40% more lift capacity compared with John Deere’s non self-leveling loaders. Operators of a compact tractor equipped with an MSL will be able to move more with every load.

The MSL loaders are operated with a simple joystick. Users push the joystick forward to lower the bucket and pull it back to lift. No left-to-right adjustments with the loader joystick are necessary to keep the bucket level.

Additionally, the John Deere MSL loaders for 120R, 220R, and 300E will be available with a third function kit to enable the use of additional attachments, like a 4-in-1 bucket. The QuikPark loader mounting system (available on the 1E, 1R, and 2R) and Quik-Change attachment carrier provide operators the ability to quickly install and remove implements as needed.

Self-leveling loader up in the air
Photo credit: John Deere

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