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Solectrac announces manufacturing partnership to meet electric tractor demand

Solectrac, makers of electric tractors, are partnering with Nolan Manufacturing to establish an East Coast production facility to meet increased demand for electric tractors.

Nolan’s 10,000-square-foot facility in Denton, North Carolina will allow Solectrac to scale operations. The primary production at Nolan Manufacturing will be Solectrac’s e25 electric tractor with additional models slated for future production.

"As the demand for Solectrac's electric tractors continues to increase, I'm excited about our persistent progress on the East Coast towards a more sustainable future and regenerative agriculture," said Mani Iyer, Solectrac CEO. "With a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility, 57 acres and three new buildings, we are ramping up production quickly and will be able to deliver tractors to dealer partners expeditiously and provide more efficient services to existing customers. As we achieve full production capacity, we are focused on making hiring and training a top priority."

Nolan has over 50 dealers from Maryland to Georgia, with four dealerships located in North Carolina. It is a producer of equipment and landscaping trailers, with plans to expand production and distribution operations to include farm tractor implements, along with the distribution of Solectrac tractors.

The Solectrac e25

A farmer driving a blue Solectrac e25 tractor with a loader bucket attached to the front.

The Solectrac e25 is a compact, 4WD electric tractor designed for use by hobby farms, golf courses, sports fields, and equestrian centers. The tractor runs at 25 HP, and can be ordered with agricultural, turf, or industrial tires. The agriculture option has an adjustable track to manage width. 

It also is equipped with a front loader that can lift 550 pounds at the bucket, and 1,300 pounds at the pin. The e25 is capable of 3,000 pounds of towing. 

The tractor has a 22 kWh battery pack, running 3 to 6 hours at a time, depending on the load. The battery can be charged in under 8 hours from a 220VAC, 30-amp outlet, or 12 hours from a 110VAC, 15-amp outlet. The battery has a 10 year life, depending on operating cycles, and depth of discharge.

The Solectrac e25 tractor is available now with a $1,000 refundable deposit, and delivery expected within 45 days of ordering. For more information visit

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