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Titan Expands Goodyear LSW Tire Options

According to Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires, unless growers are running the tractor between crop rows postemergence, there’s really no reason to be running duals. That’s one of the reasons Titan International continues to introduce new sizes of its Goodyear super single low sidewall (LSW) tires. In fact, Titan recently released the new LSW1400/30R46, the widest flotation option available for four-wheel-drive tractors.

Unlike conventional tires, LSW tires feature a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall for greater stability and flotation. Yet, the tires maintain the same outside diameter and weight load capacity. In a recent trial in Missouri, two identical test plots were planted to corn with nearly identical New Holland T8.300 255-hp. tractors. While one tractor was fitted with standard 380/80R38 duals on the front and 480/80R50 duals on the rear, the other tractor was fitted with Goodyear super singe LSW1000/40R32 tires on the front and LSW1100/45R46 super singles on the rear.

The results showed that the plot with Goodyear super singles had less soil compaction and yielded an average of 5 bushels more per acre than the plot where standard duals were used. Ironically, the test was enough to convince New Holland to offer the Goodyear super single setup as a factory option on its T8 models. Research shows that up to 80% of tractors come factory equipped with narrow duals, Sloan explains. Yet only one third of growers actually need to run between the rows. Unfortunately, the pinch row compaction between narrow duals is often more severe than the compaction directly below a tire.

Hence, New Holland T8 MFWD models will be offered with Goodyear LSW1000/40R32 front and LSW1100/45R46 rear tires from the factory. According to Titan, that combination has a total soil contact area of 2,716 inches, which is a 20% improvement over the 2,368 total contact area from 420/85R34 duals on the front and 480/80R50 duals on the rear.

In addition to the latest super single setup for MFWD and 4WD tractors, Titan also offers an extensive lineup of LSW flotation options for sprayers and combines.

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