Tractor ideas from All Around the Farm

  • Concrete counterweight

    Curtis Beachy of Trementon, Utah, had trouble with his loader tipping forward, so he designed this 1,000-pound counterweight with a steel rod and 55-gallon barrel filled with concrete.

  • Take your flags with you

    Greg Stoen of Farwell, Minnesota, used tubing to make this tractor-mounted flag holder to allow him to mark varieties and rocks in his field.

  • Forklift tire changer

    Ken Miller of Rochelle, Illinois, built an adjustable arm that hooks to his forklift to hold tractor wheels vertically so they're easier to change.

  • Headlight ring replacement

    Jack Kiser of Fremont, Ohio, was tired of paying for headlight rings on his tractor. So, he makes them out of oak using a circle cutter, band saw and stainless screws.

  • Mow on

    Gordon Miller of Calumet, Oklahoma, used a 55-gallon plastic barrel to build a shield for his tractor's intake to avoid weed seeds being sucked into the radiator when mowing.

  • Easier, safer lifting

    Jim Hultman of Sutton, Nebraska, built this rack out of an anhydrous machine frame to hang and move tractor suitcase weights from the tractor to the shop floor.

  • Try this tree spade

    The blades for this tree spade from Duane Myklejord, Fosston, Minnesota, are made from an old propane tank.

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