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Turf Dirt Crossover Tires Line Expands

A year ago Titan Goodyear offered a tire remedy for people wanting a rear tractor tire that could be used during mowing (serving as a traditional turf tire), one that also included lugs for fieldwork.

The interest in this crossover tire, designated the Goodyear R14T, was so large that the company has expanded its offerings to 14 new sizes, which they announced today at the National Farm Machinery Show.

“We expanded this line to 18 total sizes, making this our premier tire line for nearly any subcompact tractor or loader, as well as any compact or utility tractor on the market,” points out Scott Sloan of Titan Goodyear.

With the R14T, Titan engineers combined the traction and cleaning features of an R-1 tire design with the wear and ride features of R-4 turf tires, along with the lessened tire disturbance that an R-3 tire delivers. From hard concrete surfaces to softer soils, snow, and sensitive turf, the R14T is designed to perform equally well in any conditions. For more information, go to

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