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42.7% of tractors sold at auction are Deere

Hmm, I wonder.

All these years, 20 now, I've been collecting and compiling auction sale price data, what other meaningful statistics can I come up with if I slice and dice our auction sale price data in new ways?

The last two decades I've spent my time and effort focusing on specific pieces of equipment...what's a 1981 IHC 1086 tractor with 5,000 hours worth? What's a fair price for a 28-foot Donahue implement trailer? What did that 2003 JD 4710 sprayer with 900 hours, 800 gallon tank and 90' booms sell for on the central Illinois auction yesterday?

Our website contains 220,757 auction sale prices on all types of equipment sold over the last 13 years. We have roughly 70 different categories of equipment we track sale prices on. Our largest category of course is "TRACTORS."

I checked this morning and found we have 43,589 tractor auction prices. Taken as a whole, what can this aggregate sale price data on used tractors sold at auction tell us?

How about % share of the used tractor market?

Sure, this could be both insightful and fun. Of those 43,589 tractors sold at auction over the last 13 years, what percentage were Deere? What percentage were red? Blue? Orange?

So I dove in and began my tabulations. What I found shocked me.

I mean I knew, as we all do, that Deere has been the dominant force in the agricultural equipment market over the last century, particularly in regards to tractors. But 42.7% of all tractors sold at auction over the last 13 years?


Like I said, the figures stunned me. Of the 43,589 auction prices on tractors we've compiled in our web site, 18,602 of them were Deere models. Next closest? International Harvester Corp. (IHC) came in with 8,549, for a 19.6% market share. Check the table at the right for the figures.

Of course we've seen considerable consolidation in the farm equipment business over the last 25-30 years. Case and IHC became CaseIH. Ford became New Holland, then CaseIH and New Holland got together. Allis Chalmers, Deutz, White and Massey Ferguson became Agco.

Below is a data chart showing percentage of total number of tractors sold at auction over the last 13 years when looked at with all the manufacturer consolidation over the years figured in, leaving three major tractor players: Deere, New Holland and Agco.

That's just "TRACTORS." We got 70 other equipment categories. HAY BALERS for example. A quick search turned up these facts:

  • 4,501 prices on HAY BALERS sold at auction
  • 39.7% were NH
  • 39.7% were Deere

Actually, NH and Deere were dead tied, each with 1,526 hay balers sold at auction over the last 13 years.

I better check our mail box and fax machine, see if any new auction sale price reports just came in with prices on balers...who will sneak into the used market share lead, NH or JD?

Can you tell I've had 20 years of fun playing with all these numbers?

Hmm, I wonder.

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