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Used tractor values rising

I love yakking about farm equipment.

Fun to relay insights & thoughts from 22-plus years of tracking auction sale price data on all types of equipment sold throughout the U.S. and Canada. All this week I’ve been on tour with the Linder Farm Network ag radio crew on their annual “Ag Outlook Meetings” in five Minnesota cities.

One of the main topics I’ve been addressing are the “red hot” used Tractor values we’ve been seeing, especially since August 2011. Good quality used tractors (no matter the No. of hours) have been bringing big bucks at sales all over. Many, many new record high auction sale prices have been rolling in.

I break the used tractor market down into segments, so 4WD, 200+ HP, 130-200 HP, and <100 HP. Here are my talking point slides from my presentations this week on the 130-200 HP segment, led off by my Machinery Pete “Used Value Index” Quarterly report on this 130-200 HP Tractor segment.

I have also included my segment on the “New Collector” market for tractors highlighting how big $$ is flowing towards models from the mid 1960’s into the early 1970s.





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