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Compact chore chasers

When it comes to tackling chores, do you have a go-to tractor? A machine you trust to handle just about any job you put in front of it? With the latest chore chasers from Cub Cadet and Mahindra, your tractor of choice may just become one of these powerful, yet compact, machines.

Cub Cadet LX Series

Three gear-driven models – Lx410 (41 hp.), Lx 450 (45 hp.), and Lx490 Turbo (48.5 hp.) – launch the Lx Series from Cub Cadet. These machines have been designed to offer increased loader and three-point lift capabilities.

“The Lx Series combines brute strength with premium comfort to offer exactly what you want – a stronger, tougher line of tractors that not only are capable of delivering against a wide range of applications, but also make the ride enjoyable,” says Todd Adair, Cub Cadet Yanmar national marketing and sales manager. “We've designed these new models to lift more, shift easier, and provide all-day comfort that not only will exceed expectations, but also will set new ones.”

Features include a four-cylinder, direct-injection Yanmar engine, and a HydraReverser for seamless, on-the-fly shifting between forward and reverse. With Performance Link Technology, all parts of the drivetrain work together precisely for smooth control, more usable horsepower, and less wear and tear.

The three-point lift system can hoist up to 2,760 pounds; the curved boom loader is capable of handling up to 2,493 pounds.

The operator station includes tilt wheel, hydraulic power steering, full suspension seat, twin toolboxes, auxiliary lights, and electro-hydraulic PTO engagement.

To find out more about pricing and availability, contact your local Cub Cadet dealer, call 877/926-6271 or visit them on the Web at

Mahindra 5010


The 5010 Series is available in three models: 5010 4WD open-station gear drive 9X3, 5010 4WD cab gear drive 9X3, and 5010 4WD cab hydrostatic drive.

Each features a four-cylinder, 49-HP. engine, a three-point lift capacity of 3,314 pounds, one remote valve, tilt steering wheel, flat operator's deck, and a suspension seat.

The constant-mesh 9X3 speed forward-reverse transmission is included on both the open-station gear drive and the cab gear drive models. The cab hydrostatic version has a hydrostatic twin-pedal three-range transmission.

The ML150 loader will be featured on the 4WD open-station gear drive, while the ML155 loader will be a feature on the other two models. This loader has a lift capacity of 2,991 pounds (at pivot pins) and has a skid steer design, which allows for quick change outs.

“The Mahindra 5010 tractor is a workhorse that not only is packed with power, but also is packed with value,” says Mike Hilderbrand, Mahindra's vice president of marketing and organizational development. “For an attractive price, Mahindra customers will receive the big push, pull, and lift power they expect from a Mahindra tractor and be covered by our five-year power train warranty.”

To learn more about pricing information or to find a dealer in your area, call 877/449-7771 or visit their Web site at

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