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McCormick’s T-MAX utility tractors

McCormick USA has introduced
a new line of utility tractors designed to meet the needs of material handling and
general farming operations. The T-MAX Series features three models, including
the T 90 MAX, T100 MAX and T110 MAX offering 83 to 102 engine (70.5 to 86.5
PTO) horsepower. 

“We designed the T-MAX Series
with efficiency in mind,” says Kurt Schenck, vice president of marketing for
McCormick. “This tractor line has the power and flexibility to adapt to
numerous tasks on the farm, such as light tillage, haying and loader work. It’s
an ideal chore tractor.”

Power to the max

The heart of the T-MAX
Series is the 4-cylinder Perkins 1104D Tier 3 compliant diesel engine. The
design allows the air and the fuel to mix at the greatest possible extent to
help ensure better combustion and efficiency, resulting in higher power and
torque backup with reduced running costs. The T 90 MAX features a turbocharged
83 horsepower engine while the T 100 MAX and T110 MAX (92.5 and 102 horsepower
respectively) use a turbocharged after-cooled engine.

A forward-tilting hood
provides easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and

Multiple transmission options

A synchromesh transmission
features four speeds in three ranges to provide an infinite number of speeds to
match the task at hand. The basic 12+12 transmission offers a mechanical
reverse shuttle and a factory-installed creeper option, which expands operator
flexibility to 16 forward and reverse speeds.

Additional flexibility is
attained with a power shuttle transmission that provides 36 forward and 12
reverse speeds and allows the operator to change direction (forward to reverse)
via a lever integrated into the steering column, without using the clutch
pedal. The power shuttle transmission is also equipped with a de-clutch system,
allowing the operator to change mechanical gears simply by depressing a button
placed on the gearshift lever without using the clutch pedal. A factory-installed
creeper is available, which expands the transmission to 48 forward and 16
reverse speeds.

Robust hydraulic and lift power

The hydraulic circuit
provides a total flow of 21.7 gpm and offers up to four auxiliary spool valves.
Operators can control two of the valves using control levers integrated in the
console on the driver’s right-hand side. Joysticks provide control to the other
two valves for loader operation. This versatility allows the operator to work
with a variety of implements, helping to increase overall productivity. With a
lift capacity of 9590 pounds and draft control function on the lower links, the
T-MAX Series can easily handle your demanding farm implement requirements.

Front axle and PTO options

Customers can choose between
a 2WD and 4WD front axle with optimum ground clearance. The 4WD front axle
features electro-hydraulic engagement and offers a 55-degree steering angle for
excellent maneuverability in confined spaces.

A 540 or 1000 rpm PTO is
standard on the T-MAX Series. The wet-disc clutch, operated by push button,
engages smoothly and progressively to ensure operator comfort as well as long
life operation of the PTO driveline. Ground speed PTO is also available as a
factory-installed option and is ideal for spraying and seeding applications.

Comfort all day long

The T-MAX Series is
available in either a open station or cab version. The open air platform
features a deluxe seat and the platform is suspended on isolation mounted blocks
to help minimize vibration, providing for optimum operator comfort.

Visibility is key with the
climate-controlled cab. The most noticeable feature is the all-around
visibility provided by the all-glass doors hinged at the cab’s rear post. Composite
interior materials provide a stylish and modern automotive look while the controls
are placed in a logical and easy-to-find manner making tractor operation more efficiently
and less fatiguing.

The cab roof features a
fixed glazed hatch with sunshade that is particularly useful when working with
front loaders. A heating and air-conditioning system is installed on the cab
roof to provide year-round comfort, while an air purification system filters
the cab’s interior. Four roof-mounted lights provide outstanding visibility for
after-hours work. Natural ventilation is acquired by opening the front and rear

“All in all the T-MAX Series
gives customers the flexibility and power they need to get the job done,” says Schenk.
“It’s the type of tractor every farm needs to tackle those everyday projects.”

By Greg Ehm, Two Rivers

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